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A Fanlisting is a place that lists people from all over the world who are fans of a particular subject. You can add your name to those lists by simply filling in a quick form, and all you need is an email address. Below you can find a list of most known Nicole-related fanlistings for you to join and show your support if you wish!

Fanlisting that are a part of Nicole’s Magic

Classic Elegance - Nicole's Style
Classic Elegance – Nicole’s Style

Loved? - Anna (Birth)
Loved? – Anna (Birth)

Peaceful Words - Silvia Broome
Peaceful Words – Silvia Broome

The Visionary - Virginia Woolf
The Visionary – Virginia Woolf

Bewitched By You - Isabel Bigelow
Bewitched By You – Isabel Bigelow

Aussie Amor - Nicole & Keith
Aussie Amor – Nicole & Keith

Becoming - Diane Arbus
Becoming – Diane Arbus

Tell Me A Secret - Lionel & Diane (Fur)
Tell Me A Secret – Lionel & Diane (Fur)

Nicole Kidman
Keith Urban
Naomi Watts
Russell Crowe
Simon Baker
Chanel No.5 Advert

Golden Compass, The
Moulin Rouge
Practical Magic

Cold Mountain: Ada
Moulin Rouge: Satine
Practical Magic: Gillian

Practical Magic: Gilly & Sally
The Interpreter: Silvia & Tobin
Moulin Rouge: Satine & Christian
The Golden Compass: Marisa Coulter & Lord Asriel
Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise

Come What May (Moulin Rouge)
Elephant Love Medley (Moulin Rouge)
Your Song (Moulin Rouge)
Bolero (Moulin Rouge)
Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Somethin’ Stupid

Welcome to Nicole's Magic
Welcome to Nicole's Magic, a fansite for the spectacular spectacular Academy Award winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Nicole is one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, and is known for her roles in Moulin Rouge, The Hours and To Die For, and has recently been seen in the highly acclaimed Rabbit Hole, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Nicole's Magic is the largest and most comprehensive fansite for Nicole, and, come what may, is completely dedicated to supporting her and her career, and keeping the fans up to date with all that she's doing. Comments, suggestions, sparkling diamonds, elephant love medleys and contributions are always more than welcomed so please contact me if you have anything to say. Enjoy your visit, add us to your Favourites and come back again soon!

We <3 Moulin Rouge
Celebrating all that is Moulin Rouge for it's 10th anniversary this last year!

Trivia: Baz Luhrmann cried when Nicole won the Golden Globe for Moulin Rouge

Official Links
Nicole Kidman's Official Site

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