WEB Nicole Fanlistings

What's a fanlisting? A Fanlisting is a place that lists people from all over the world who are fans of a particular subject. Below you can find a list of most known Nicole fanlistings, so you can join them and show your support.

Fanlisting that are a part of Nicole's Magic

Classic Elegance - Nicole's Style

Loved? - Anna (Birth)

Peaceful Words - Silvia Broome

The Visionary - Virginia Woolf

Bewitched By You - Isabel Bigelow

Aussie Amor - Nicole & Keith

Nicole Kidman
Keith Urban
Naomi Watts
Chanel No.5 Advert
Nicole Kidman Physical
Club Moulin Rouge

Bewitched: Jack & Isabel
Practical Magic: Gilly & Sally
The Interpreter: Silvia & Tobin
Moulin Rouge: Satine & Christian
His Dark Materials series: Marisa Coulter & Lord Asriel

One Day I'll Fly Away
Come What May
The Show Must Go On
Elephant Love Medley
The Pitch/Spectacular Spectacular
Sparkling Diamonds
Moulin Rouge soundtrack 1
Moulin Rouge soundtrack 2

Batman series
Cold Mountain
Eyes Wide Shut
Hours, The
Interpreter, The
Moulin Rouge
Practical Magic
To Die For

Cold Mountain: Ada
Moulin Rouge: Satine
Moulin Rouge: All Characters
Practical Magic: Gillian
His Dark Materials series: Marisa Coulter