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January 15, 2012   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

The biolytic tank was first put in operation in July, 1909, and

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haemorrhage, and thereby saving the mother from further risk. Dr

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use of remedies, which, however useful in rheumatism and gout, are

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control animal, and died 8 days earlier. It gained steadily in weight until the reinjec-

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Surgical Therapy of Hydrops. — In many cases the accumulation

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* I do not here enter into the question whether metritis itself can be pro-

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most important part. We may use alcohol, chloroform liniment, lini-

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ism be carried over on broth daily for at least one week. In all

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lived until the fifth week, when he was suddenly seized with

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more of the placenta than what had already been detached ; for, as

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by their functional or more purely physical sensibility. Various

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ture should always be made. [This is sometimes sufficient to estab-

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I. — Immune tj^jhoid serum was used. Ether was added to the first tube of the

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vicihn, and gliadin frequently caused fatal and usually marked

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lung (lecithin, neurin, and cholin). This would bring the experi-

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II. All the known members of this group give positive gas tests

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from an abscess associated with streptococci in a chronic case of

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sensitive the instrument to changes in temperature, but the more

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sorry to say that the water-supply in many of the poorer localities,

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enable the sick to recover in the shortest possible time." The

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Intravenous Infusion of Salt Solution. — The technic of the intra-

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passage, the resistance increases till the posterior wall is reached.

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goitre are almost always chlorotic and are decidedly nervous, so that we

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Acid is produced in the broth which contains glucose, maltose,

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gestion had been subdued, when it took its place as a tonic, and

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tions of Wardrop, Liston, Syme, Ferguson, and other eminent men

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a tablespoonful, gradually increasing to 3 tablespoonfuls, always mixed

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enlarged, while the forearm was rather thinner, and the hands

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done, first, in 1834, by Fran9ois Eenucci, assistant of Alibert, who

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salvarsan at intervals of 7 days and followed by a vigorous use of mercury

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It was then moved by Dr Parkes, and seconded by Mr Hargrave — " That

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carefully bandaging the limb, and raising it above the level of the trunk

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