SITE INFO Credits & Thanks

The people listed here have helped me a great deal with this site and I want them to know how much I appreciate them. However it is impossible to list everyone who has ever contributed in any way, so please don't be offended if you have contributed but are not listed! Thank you to everyone who has submitted something to, or supported the site over the years.

To Nicole Kidman. What can I say. <333333

To you, the visitors! Without you, this would be a lot less of a fun way to share my love for Nic! Thank you for visiting and supporting this site.

Special thanks...
Jen For hosting me at my first proper hosting place! And for being so generous with space and everything. And for scans. And cgi-bin help. Thanks! xox
April For so much! HTML help and for helping with coding of the site from time to time back in the beginning, graphics/layouts, scans, pictures, and for just generally being so kind, generous and patient!
Mariana for being so generous, kind and helpful!
Rose for a lot of picture help <3
To those who have donated.
Jess for picture help, video hosting and a layout or 2
Kelly - where to start? I can't begin to thank you enough for your help <3
The regular posters at the forum for continuous support and keeping the forum a fun and FRIENDLY place to chat about Nic! You really are the best and the site is still here because of you!

Big thanks...
Caroline for html/php/graphics help and being wonderful!
Jess for screen caps and scans =)
Amelie for scans and pictures
Ali for scans and pics
Lala for wonderful pictures =D
Isabelle for lots of very rare pictures and hqs!
Dora for layout #25

Maria for great scans, pictures and help!
Marya for sending me pics and for supportign the site since day#1 which I really appreciate :)
Liana for wallpapers and generosity
Michael for lots of support and kind words!
Helena for sending me pics :)
Ma for pics and great magazine clippings!
Yas for scans :)
Sarah (sparkling diamonds) for scans
Foxy for letting me use her Harpers Bazaar 2004 scans
Ali for a scan
Dora for a scan
Sarah for fanart
Tai for scans
Jessica for Bop Girl and American Cine. award caps =)
Rob for scans and pictures
Peter from the former NKO for pictures, picture info and general info.
Jilly for numerous videos!!
Kim for videos
Ashley for the Golden Globe 2005 video
Kristin for MANY film music files!
Merle for transcripts
Jessica (jbEE) for taking her time to type up the whole Good Housekeeping Jan 2004 interview for me!
Andrea_Kidman for an interview
Margaret for articles & interviews
'skanky' at the forum for lots of interviews and articles
Naomi for GORGEOUS wallpapers and fanart!!
Zhara for stunning wallpapers!
Lu for sharing her fanart ^_^
tulipa for fanart
Yvonne, Charissa, Aaron, Falon for wallpapers
Merisa for beautiful fanart and walls
Andreia for fanart
Angelika for wallpapers
Everyone else who has donated their wonderful media creations - thank you

Most of the information in the Nicole section of this site comes from my own knowledge through reading magazines/books/etc and from other fans

Basic event pictures, news and information from

Other Resources
CutePHP - CuteNews
Paint Shop Pro

Please let me know if I have forgotten you!!