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These are some of the questions that I get asked most frequently about Nicole and this site. If you have a question about either Nicole or Nicole’s Magic, see if your question is already answered here, and if not then do not hesitate to contact me through this form.


Do you know Nicole? Do you have any contact with her?
- No. We do not know Nicole, nor are we in contact with her or able to contact her for you.

Do you know Nicole’s email address/home address?
- No, we do not. Nicole is entitled to some privacy!

How can i contact Nicole?
- Head on over to the Contact Nicole page – this has all the information I know of on how to contact Nicole. Bear in mind that at this time, it appears there is no reliable fanmail address for her. You can try commenting on her official site or facebook page, but we don’t know how many comments she may actually read.

“Hi, I want to ask Nicole… “
- Please remember that I do not know Nicole, and cannot contact her for you, unfortunately! The addresses I know of where you can reach her are on the Contact Nicole page.

Does Nic visit this site?
- Yes, as of September 2010 I have been told that Nicole has visited Nicole’s Magic – very exciting! It seems that she discovered the “power of the internet”, as she says on her official site, and I was told she had taken the time to visit her fansites and that she “appreciates the work that you do”. It was definitely very flattering to hear that! In May/June 2011 I was also asked to write a ‘guest post‘ for her official site, and when this message was posted on her Facebook page, it came with an additional message thanking Nicole’s Magic for our “continued support. I really appreciate it”. Nicole was also told about the site in our 2008 Baby Book, and while we saw the Baby Book in her publicist’s hands, we have no idea whether Nicole herself read it.

Can I contribute something to this site?
- Yes please! I am always looking for people who’d like to help Nicole’s Magic. You can find out what I’m specifically looking for here, but any and all Nicole goodies are welcomed, so feel free to contact me and tell me how you’d like to help/what you’d like to contribute. Full and deserved credit will be given.

“Hi, are you accepting/can I send you wallpapers/pictures/icons…”
- Of course! Send them straight to me – I and the other visitors to this site love seeing other people’s beautiful fanart :)

Why have you not posted any new candids for 3 years?
- At the moment I’m undecided about whether I want to continue posting candids here. I’ve begun to feel uncomfortable intruding on Nicole’s personal life, now that she’s able to live her quiet family life with her daughters and husband in Nashville. And even more so now knowing that she has visited this site. We may post the occassional candid where Nicole is seen smiling or waving at the cameras, and I will be asking for your feedback on candids in general soon.

Can you send me some Nicole pics please? Can you tell me more about the news about…
- All my picturess and news information are posted on this site and in our forum, so if you want all the latest, you’re in the right place! Our Forum has additional information and tidbits, too.

Can I use some of your pictures for my Nicole site?
- Probably not. I’ve worked hard to get these pictures for my site. If you’re making a Nicole site then take some time to search for your own pictures.

Can I use some of your pictures for a layout I’m making?
- Sure. An email asking us about this is always nice, plus, I’d love to see the final design! A link back is certainly appreciated too.

Do you know what make-up Nicole wore at …? / who made the dress she wore in …?
- As I said above, all information I have is added here. If you don’t find the info you’re looking for here, post in the forum and either I or one of the members will hopefully be able to help you out. I am working on expanding our Style section, so any information relating to that would be helpful.

How can I register for the Gallery?
- You currently do not need to register for the Gallery to view photos. All photos are available to view without registration. However, registering at the Gallery allows you access to additional features, including rating photos and sending e-cards. You can register at our Gallery by clicking the ‘Register’ link in the text link area above the ‘Last updated albums’ block.

I can’t login to the Gallery/I get an error message when I try to login
- Are you registered? Have you registered SEPARATELY for both the Gallery and forum? Make sure you are typing in case sensitive letters (eg like this but NOT LIKE THIS). Try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files. If you are still having problems please contact me, including your username in the email.

How do I register?
- You can register at both the forum and the gallery by clicking the Register text link. These are the only two places you need to/can register at throughout the site. You can also join the Newsletter to receive a Nicole and Nicole’s Magic news round-up, plus other goodies, although admittedly this is not sent out regularly at the moment.

I registered at the forum but cannot login…
- At the moment, when you register at the forum your account needs to be activated by me. I try to do this every few days, at most, once a week. Once your account has been activated you should receive an email telling you so. Another reason for not being able to login may be that your account has been deleted due to lack of activity. Forum rules state that posting is required, so please drop in every once in a while to take part, so your account is not removed. If you are having trouble logging into the forum/have not received an email about activation, please contact me, including the username you registered there with.

Welcome to Nicole's Magic
Welcome to Nicole's Magic, a fansite for the spectacular spectacular Academy Award winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Nicole is one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, and is known for her roles in Moulin Rouge, The Hours and To Die For, and has recently been seen in the highly acclaimed Rabbit Hole, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Nicole's Magic is the largest and most comprehensive fansite for Nicole, and, come what may, is completely dedicated to supporting her and her career, and keeping the fans up to date with all that she's doing. Comments, suggestions, sparkling diamonds, elephant love medleys and contributions are always more than welcomed so please contact me if you have anything to say. Enjoy your visit, add us to your Favourites and come back again soon!

We <3 Moulin Rouge
Celebrating all that is Moulin Rouge for it's 10th anniversary this last year!

"It's amazing how you can depict strong emotions like jealousy or love or obsession through music and dance far more readily [than in conventional dialogue]." - Nicole Kidman

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