SITE INFO Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Nicole or this site. If you have a quick question about either Nic or NM, see if your question is already answered here. If not, send me an email!

Do you know Nicole? Do you have any contact with her?
- No.

Do you know Nicole's email address/home address?
- No. And even if I didn't I wouldn't be posting it on a web site ;)

How can i contact Nicole?
- Head on over to the Contact Nicole page- this has all the info I know of on how to contact Nicole.

"Hi, I want to ask Nicole... where can I send her a letter?"
- Please don't email me asking where you can contact Nicole. ALL/the only addresses I know where you can reach her are on the Contact Nicole page.

Can you send me some Nicole pics please? Can you tell me more about the news about...
- No. All my pics and news information are posted on this site and in our forum, so if you want all the latest, you're in the right place!

Can I use some of your pictures for my Nicole site?
- Probably not. I've worked hard to get these pictures for my site. If you're making a Nicole site then take some time to search for your own pictures, don't take mine.

Can I use some of your pictures for a layout I'm making?
- Sure. Just email me and tell/ask me, so I can see the finished design! A link back is required.

Can I contribute something to this site?
- Yes Please! I am always looking for people who'd like to help improve NM. Contact me and tell me how you'd like to help. Full and deserved credit will be given.

"Hi, are you accepting wallpapers/pictures/icons..."
- Of course! Send them straight to me

Does Nic visit this site?
- Not that I know of... :(

Do you know what make-up Nicole wore at ...? / who made the dress she wore in ...?
- As I said above, all info I have is added here. If you don't find the info you're looking for here, post in the forum and either I or one of the members will hopefully be able to help you out

How can I register for the Gallery?
- Gallery registrations are not open all the time. If you see a text link saying Register then click it and fill in the form to register. If you do not see that text link, come back in a few days.

I can't login to the Gallery/I get an error message when I try to login
- Are you registered? Have you registered SEPARATELY for both the Gallery and forum? Make sure you are typing in case sensitive letters (eg this but NOT LIKE THIS). Try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files. Make sure you click the ACTIVATION LINK that was sent to the email address you specified when registering. If you are still haveing problems please email me and INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

How do I register?
- You can register at both the forum and the gallery by clicking the Register text link. These are the only two places you need to/can register at throughout the site. You can also join the Newsletter to receive a Nicole and NM news round-up, plus other goodies.