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Nicole's Magic is made for the fans, so your contributions are really important! Without your help, the site won't grow as much. If you would like to help with Nicole's Magic then have a look below to see what I'm looking for, and if you'd like to contribute then find out how to contact me here.

Screencaptures from programmes such as ET, Access Hollywood, E!, etc.

Scans from anywhere in the world!

Transcripts of Nicole's various tv appearances (eg Letterman/Leno etc.) and her speeches at events.

Fanart/media, including wallpapers and graphics that you have created.

Videos of any kind! Links to videos or actual video files are both fantastic.

General news, information, tv alerts, mag alerts, general info, ideas for the site ETC are always appreciated!

Donations through PayPal or other methods can be read about here and are becoming very important in keeping this site going.

All contributions will receive credit so please don't hesitate to send something in!