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This site was created on 26th March 2002. NM started off at Geocities. I was thinking of using one of the other big freeservers but I couldn't figure out how to use them, and I didn't like the way they worked, so I chose to use Geocities!
I created this site to share my love of Nicole with other people, and I hoped I could get some of her 'magic' into this site, to make it extra special. When I started this site, there were only a few Nicole fansites on the web, none of which had gossip or much fan interaction. I wanted to create a site that fans would come back to all the time, and has everything a Nicole fan wants from a site, because I find that quite often you find some good things on a site, but not other things that you also really want, which is annoying. So my aim is to have everything a Nicole fan wants on a site about Nicole.
An important feature of Nicole's Magic is that all the contents are original- especially our Interact section. I think that is a really important thing for a site to have, after all- whats the point in having a site if it's a copy of another one?! =p (And because of this, all graphics are Webmistress). Too much emphasis is put on layouts, when really, it's the content that matters. Cause there's no site without content!
I thought of a lot of names before I chose 'Nicole's Magic'. The name doesn't mean 'Nicole Is Magic', its sort of like 'Nicole has something magic about her that makes her so great', like that THING that makes her what she is! Well I got 'Magic' from the first movie of Nicole's that I saw - Practical Magic.
In March 2003 Jen offered to host me, offering me over twice as much space as I alreayd had, so obviously, I said yes and the site moved to a new location [], with a stunning new layout made and coded by April. The site vastly improved @! A big big thanks has to go to Jen for hosting me, and April for all the layout/html/etc help! THANKS!!
In September 2003, I decided it was time to buy myself a domain, where I can host my sites and have full control over everything. So was born and NM moved to another new location!
The site moved yet again in February 2004 to a domain! I decided it was time the site had its own domain, so I bought to house Nicole's Magic. The site re-opened at on April 7th, to celebrate the site's two whole years open and online ^_^
Nicole's Magic changed hosts in April 2007, moving to due to the fact that it was using up so much space and server resources. Finally we seem to have found a place where Nicole's Magic can remain and grow as much as possible!

The primary aims of this site are mentioned above. The ongoing aims of Nicole's Magic is to create and maintain a website supporting Nicole and her career, keeping people up-to-date on what she's doing, and providing a place for fans to get their required fix of Nicole! As well as providing information for current fans, I also want to make this site accessible for those who are not very familar with Nicole and want to learn more about her, and those who aren't really interested in her but just want to find out some quick information. Simply, I want to cater for everyone who wants/needs something on Nicole! And fan interaction is also important - I want fans to feel welcome here, like this is their site, where they can contribute anything they want, and share their Nicole-love.

Nicole's Magic has been mentioned in the following publications -
Hoeren und Sehen (German magazine), 12th August 2005 issue SCAN

You can contact me with any comments, suggestions, questions or contributions. All are very appreciated and vital in keeping the site going! Contact details here.

Version 1. - Moulin Rouge : Smouldering Temptress! ...
Version 2 - Strike A Pose/Vogue
Version 3 - 'Nameless'
Version 4 - Ginger and Proud!
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Version 7 - Magical Things Happen On Magical Days
Version 8 - Lady In Red
Version 9 - Temp. Green version
Version 10 - DirtyPRETTYthings
Version 11 - Feeling Blue?
Version 12 - Something Xmas-sy
Version 13 - The Best of 2003
Version 14 - Come Back To Me - Supporting Cold Mountain
Version 15 - Spring into Spring
Version 16 - Living The Dream - Birthday Special
Version 17 - Yellow Bazaar
Version 18 - Birth
Version 19 - Christmas Spirit
Version 20 - Perfect Glamour
Version 21 - Purple Playfulness
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Version 27 - 40th Birthday/1st Anniversary
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My name's Jess, I'm 21 and live in England. Besides Nicole, I am a big fan of Kate Hudson, Goran Visnjic, Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon... among others! I have various other sites that you can see listed at my Collective and I have a (very empty) personal site at

Favourite Nicole roles: The Hours, Vietnam, Cold Mountain and Practical Magic. Special mention must also go to Moulin Rouge.

I first discovered Nicole in Practical Magic, but didn't become a proper fan until 2001 when I saw Moulin Rouge. I had heard a lot about her that year (for obvious reasons) and was just fascinated by her. In early 2002 I decided to create a site for her, mostly as a way of finding out more about her and to meet new fans. My interest and admiration for her rapidly grew, and has continued to do so throughout the years since!

Why Nicole? Where to start? Besides the fact that she insanely talented, versatile and dedicated to her profession, she is also very funny, sweet, caring and genuine. She's intelligent and has a very strong sense of self, yet at the same time is not afraid to admit to her faults and vulnerabilities. Nicole is also incredibly elegant and dignified, which is so rare in Hollywood these days. Her elegance is often mistaken for icy-ness, which is so far from the truth - she is just shy!

"If you enter the dark side of life, and come through it, you emerge with more strength and passion."

"I'm Australian. You don't toot your own horn, you downplay!"