May 18th - The first official trailer for Australia is now online! You can watch it at BigPond (make sure you have a fast connection and some patience! This one includes an 'exclusive' welcome message from Nicole) or at YouTube. Thanks to Lea for the links. Screencaptures have been added to the Gallery, and these will hopefully be replaced with better quality versions once the trailer is distributed further around the web. A downloadable version will be added shortly.
What do you think of the trailer? Leave a comment!

April 28th - The Golden Compass DVD was released in the UK today, and I picked up a copy and made caps for the site! There are just over 860 in total - Nicole is not in many scenes in the film and not in many of the DVD extras either, unfortunately. But she looks very glamorous as Mrs Coulter, and there are some great shots in there, so enjoy!
• Film Screencaptures x563
• Teaser Trailer #2 x14
• DVD Screencaptures - Menu's x2
• DVD Screencaptures - Galleries x9
• DVD Screencaptures - Oxford x15
• DVD Screencaptures - The Launch: Releasing The Film x4
• DVD Screencaptures - Daemons x54
• DVD Screencaptures - Production Design x17
• DVD Screencaptures - Costumes x83
• DVD Screencaptures - The Adaptation x50
• DVD Screencaptures - The Novel x13
• DVD Screencaptures - Finding Lyra Belacqua x56

The Golden Compass Screencaptures The Golden Compass Screencaptures The Golden Compass Screencaptures The Golden Compass Screencaptures The Golden Compass Screencaptures The Golden Compass Screencaptures

April 26th - I've added various pictures to the Gallery today, including a new-old photoshoot (taken 18 years ago!), film pictures, magazine pictures, candids, and HQs from the UNIFEM anniversary in 2006. Click here to see all new addtions. I've also added a new Picture Of The Moment to the sidebar (chosen by Melanie).
There probably won't be any updates here for the next 2-3 weeks because I have exams. After that I plan to get the site a bit more up-to-date - the content is in serious need of an update! As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements/areas you'd particularly like to see updated/ideas for new features etc. then let me know :)

April 17th - I've added 2 gorgeous new HQ stills from Australia to the Gallery, and new Australia icons to the the FanArchive.

April 16th - Exciting news Nicole fans!! Twentieth Century Fox & Baz Luhrmann have teamed up to produce the 'Set to Screen Series' podcasts on the making of Australia. Over the coming months a number of podcasts will be released, each focusing on a different area of film production, from Cinematography to Costume Design to Editing. You can read the press release in the News, and you can watch them at (downloadable versions will be added here very soon). I have to admit that I have not been very excited about Australia ... until now! The footage shown in these podcasts make the film look amazing, and some of the shots are just breath-taking. Screencaptures from the two podcasts PLUS new stills (thanks Lea <33) have been added to the Gallery.

Australia Australia Australia Australia

April 15th - Nicole and Keith attended the CMT Awards in Nashville last night, and Nic looked stunning in a deep red dress! That colour is perfect for her, and she looks so happy ... Keith was pictured touching her little belly, and apparantly one reporter asked her where her baby bump was and Nicole jokingly replied 'Where is it?' lol, and Keith helped them out by pointing it out ;) (thanks so much to Lea for that little tidbit!). Over 80 pictures have been added to the Gallery, with more to come soon. I've also added 22 new icons from pictures of the event.

April 12th - I have finally added all of your Interact section responses, and updated our affiliates. Thanks to those of you that sent in Interact responses. And thanks also to Dunia, Carolina, Isabelle, Mirik, 'Pups' and 'frencypan' for contributing scans, photos and fanart :) A very big thanks also goes to Naly for naming Nicole's Magic her Site Of The Month over at Simply Kate Winslet - thanks! Look out for scans soon, courtesy of some of our wonderful forum members ...

April 11th - Both the Gallery and Forum have new layouts to go with this new layout. I may put this main layout up in the Gallery as well ... Thanks so much to those of you that commented on the new layout/said 'happy birthday' to the site - it's much appreciated! I'll try and get a proper update in this weekend ...
EDIT: I've added a bunch of pictures to the Gallery, including additions to the The Golden Compass Tokyo Premiere, Photoshoot Session #122 and the 2007 ARIA Awards. Click here to see all new additions.

April 7th - Today is Nicole's Magic's 6th 'birthday'! The site was officially opened 6 years ago to the date. I can't believe it's been that long!! Thanks go to everyone who has contributed to and supported the site over the years and I hope all Nicole fans enjoy this site.
Once again I apologise for the lack of updates posted here - unfortunately this may continue for a while for various reasons which you can read about in the forum. However, I am trying to get in a big update today ...
We have a super-pretty new layout for the Spring, made by Dora - it's light and fresh, which is a nice contrast to the warm and intense colours of the previous layout. I also have at least 3 *new features* planned for the site, that were meant to launch with this new version, but will be delayed a little while longer. Watch out for them though ;)
As for Gallery updates, so far I've added over 200 new candids from the past month or so, many of which are HQ!
EDIT: I've added over 350 pictures from this years Oscars to the gallery tonight. 120+ HQs were added a week or so ago.

• 2008 Candids
• 2008 Oscars

March 27th- Again, scans were added to the Gallery a while ago - thanks again to Lea, Melanie, Libbie and Kelly. New features and fun stuff is COMING SOON + hundreds of all-new pics :-)

March 12th- I am so sorry for the lack of updates here, I am simply too busy with University, and don't have the motivation to update here at the moment. However, stay tuned for a big update either this weekend or later next week =) And the Gallery was updated last weekend, with thanks to Lea, Melanie, Libbie and Kelly for their scan contributions (which have either been added or will be added soon!)...

February 24th- WOW, 6 1/2 weeks without an update!! That's the longest ever. And I'm really sorry about that - I've had offline things going on, and it has been pretty quiet in the world of Nicole. Having said that, I have actually updated the gallery in this time, I just haven't posted about it. I'll list the main Gallery additions below. Nicole attended a press conference and premiere for The Golden Compass in Tokyo this week, and pics from the press conference are already in the Gallery, with the premiere ones to follow. Finally, Nicole will be attending the Oscars tonight where she will present the Honorary Oscar Award to Robert Boyle. HQs from the rehearsals yesterday are in the Gallery, and pics from the event itself will be added here starting from tonight. Remember to register/login/VISIT the forum to keep up with all the action tonight! You will get everything first there, so don't hesitate to join!

• Channel 9 (Aus) Today Show 28th January 2008 screencaps (ft. new shots from 'Australia'!) x8
• Latest January/February candids
• The Invasion Film Screencaptures x1164
• The Invasion DVD Screencaptures - Menu's x6
• The Invasion DVD Screencaptures - A New Story x35
• The Invasion DVD Screencaptures - On The Set x52
• The Invasion DVD Screencaptures - Snatched x27
• The Invasion DVD Screencaptures - We've Been Snatched Before x27
• Margot At The Wedding Film Screencaptures x653
• Margot At The Wedding DVD Screencaptures - Menu's x11
• Margot At The Wedding DVD Screencaptures - A Conversation With NB & JJL x84
• Margot At The Wedding Trailer #1 Screencaptures (replaced with bigger versions) x62
• Margot At The Wedding Trailer #2 Screencaptures x20
• Photoshoot Session #125 x8
• Omega Promotion in Geneva (2006) HQs x40 (gorgeous!!)
• The Golden Compass Tokyo Press Conference x45
• Margot At The Wedding NYFF Premiere HQs x37 more
• God Grew Tired Of Us Premiere HQs x46 more
• The Oscars 2006 HQs x24 more
• The Oscars 2008 Rehearsal HQs x7

January 9th- I've added a video and screencaps of yesterday's E! News feature on Nicole's pregnancy. I also added all the latest candids to the Gallery last night. More news vids to come asap ...

January 8th-

Oscar-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman is pregnant and has pulled out of shooting her next film "The Reader" with her baby expected around mid-2008.

"Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby," Kidman publicist Wendy Day said in a statement released on Tuesday. "The couple are thrilled."

Kidman, 40, has been pregnant once before with then-husband Tom Cruise but suffered a miscarriage. Kidman and Cruise adopted two children, Isabella and Connor.

Leaving a Sydney restaurant with her husband Urban on Tuesday, Kidman said she felt "very excited." Asked if she was having a boy or a girl, the statuesque actress said "secret."

read the full story

Finally, this story is confirmed! This is just amazing news - Nicole & Keith we are over-the-moon, incredibly happy and excited for you both! We know Nicole has wanted this for such a long time and the two of them completely deserve this happiness. We wish her a healthy and safe pregnancy. Don't hesitate to leave your congratulatory messages here or at the forum!

December 31st- For the final update of 2007 I give you an all new feature of NM - the FanArchive! Kelly and I have been working for months to add all the icons, wallpapers, banners and other fan-created media like that here, and we hope it's a more organised and easy-to-use format for the media. You do not need to register to view it. If you've sent me icons, wallpapers or banners but don't see them up then please re-send them; and if you have any fanart you'd like to contribute then don't hesitate to get in touch - you will receive full credit!

And finally, it's time to wish you all a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for visiting and supporting Nicole's Magic this year - I hope you'll stick with us in 2008 as your top resource for Nicole - I can't wait to see what 2008 brings for Nicole!

The FanArchive

December 29th- I'm sure most of you have heard today's rumours about Nicole saying she is pregnant ... a few articles about it have been added to the News including both a denial and a 'no comment' statement from her publicists. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this progresses ... whilst crossing our fingers, toes, arms, legs etc. that it is true!! I've added another batch of pictures here and there in the Gallery today - click here for all new additions, but don't miss the 2 new Australia stills (normal size / HQ), new Golden Compass posters/stills/etc, and 2 all new and exclusive photoshoots (here and here). Enjoy :)

new Chanel ad Photoshoot Session #124 Photoshoot Session #123 Photoshoot Session #123 new Australia still new ARIA Awards picture The Golden Compass promo

December 24th- I've finally added all the Golden Compass Sydney and SCH screening pics ... hopefully the wait will be worth it! I've added The Golden Compass Sydney Premiere x28, The Golden Compass Sydney Premiere HQs x109 (139 total), The Golden Compass Sydney Children's Hospital Screening x8 and The Golden Compass SCH Screening HQs x41. I'm not a fan of the silver suit but she looks happy to be there, and I think it's just wonderful what she does for Sydney Children's Hospital, and again she looks really happy to be there According to recent articles Nicole has said that she and Keith will be spending Christmas with her kids, her parents, her sister and kids, and all of Keith's family, so we wish them a VERY Happy Christmas, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas too

“I remember as a kid sneaking down at night to see the presents under the tree and the lights. I still do that in our house. What I do when I get back to Sydney is put all the fairy lights up. We have the tree. I love to embrace the magic of Christmas. There’s a fantasy quality attached to it.”

Merry Christmas

December 22nd- As mentioned before, there are a few new features coming to the site soon ... and one of them is launching today! Click the link below to view the 2007 Year Overview feature, which is a look back at everything Nicole has done throughout this year, and gives you the chance to vote on your favourite moments, including red carpet appearance, movie and interview! You can also drop by the forum to discuss your favourite 2007 moments if you want =) I will try and add the rest of the Sydney premiere pics and the SCH screening pics this weekend ... stay tuned!


December 20th- Big picture update coming sometime before Xmas ... ;) I've finally put up the winners of our first exclusive Golden Compass contest - congratulations to our very deserving winners Moni and Elyse! And thanks to Kelly for running the contest <3 Our other 2 exclusive TGC contests are meant to close tomorrow, but I've had literally 5 entries for both contests put together, so I will be extending it til at least Xmas Day, maybe longer. I'm a little disappointed it hasn't had more success, so I'm giving you extra time :p

December 16th- Nicole attended the Sydney premiere of The Golden Compass earlier today, in what can only be described as a very questionable silver (space)suit! You can see pictures in the forum, and I have a lot to add to the Gallery tomorrow/asap ;)

December 9th- I've added another bunch of pictures around and about in the Gallery today, most are event HQs and there are also some candids from the wedding week last year - just click here to see all of todays new additions :)

December 8th- I've added videos and screencaps from this week's Film 2007, which had a review of The Golden Compass and a short preview of Margot At The Wedding (half of which I missed - sorry!).

December 7th-

Be sure to share your thoughts with us either by posting a comment here, posting in the forum, or by submitting your review through the Fan Reviews page in the Interact section. Today I have added over 80 more HQs from the London Premiere of The Golden Compass, and the first half of screencaptures from The Today Show June 10th 2004, capped by Ricky.

December 6th- I've added a bunch of pictures to the Gallery today - I won't list them all here because they're all around the Gallery, but click here to see all new uploads. I've also put this new layout up in the Gallery - you are still able to choose the theme you want to use by selecting from the drop down menu (it says 'Choose your theme' in the Welcome message there), and this new layout is entitled classic-gc2. There will be another new theme there this weekend ;)

December 5th-

Finally! After all these months of anticipation The Golden Compass has received it's official theatrical release in the UK and various other nations today. It follows elsewhere worldwide throughout December - release dates will be added to our information page next update. When you've seen the film don't hesitate to tell us what you thought - send in your review, post a comment here or join us at the forum. I saw it today and I really enjoyed it - Nicole was fantastic as the dynamic Mrs Coulter and the story was action-packed and exciting. It really is a must-see, whatever your movie taste... especially with such a wonderful cast. Onto updates, and as you can see we have a new Golden Compass themed layout, created for us by Dora. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think. I've also launched our next 2 exclusive Golden Compass contests - click the links on the sidebar for details. Look out for more Golden Compass updates throughout the week!

December 4th- New Line have released the first 5 minutes of the Golden Compass online, and you can watch it here ... unfortunately there's no Mrs Coulter in it though :( I guess we'll just have to wait another day (or 3, depending on where you live ;)) to more of her! Today I've added 3 new Golden Compass Games - Tic Tac Toe, Picture Memory and Concentration. I'm also going to update as many pages as possible in the Interact section, so look out for new outfits to choose from, caption this pictures etc. More *exclusive* TGC goodies tomorrow...

December 2nd- More caps and videos today! Links below =) Please do not report our exclusive videos elsewhere, including on YouTube!

• CBS Showbuzz - The Golden Compass interview, November 2007
• Extra - 26th November 2007
• The Golden Compass - The Making Of (in 4 parts) *exclusive*

• Extra, 26th November 2007 x46
• 'The Making Of' TGC x90

December 1st- I totally forgot to mention this before! When I said 'expect exclusive pics and videos' (on Monday) from the London premiere it was because I was going! I did go but unfortunately didn't see much of Nic, she kind of zig-zagged between the photographers and the fans and missed the area I was in :( I managed to get a few photos though (but no videos) and have added them in the Gallery today. If you're interested in seeing more of my pics from the premiere then drop by the forum, or stop by our co-star sites, as linked in the Top Affiliates on the sidebar and in Thursday's update. Other Gallery additions today include more interview screencaps and pictures from Tuesday's premiere, + some scans (thanks to Lea). Finally, I added a new Picture and Site Of The Moment on the sidebar =) More HQs and videos soon, and I will try and get that Advent Calendar up tomorrow!

• Jess's pictures [2] x4 site exclusive!
• The Golden Compass London Premiere x147
• The Golden Compass London Premiere HQs x13 more
• CBS Showbuzz The Golden Compass Interview x86
• Park Avenue (Ger.) scans x12 (thanks Lea)

November 30th- I've added vids and screencaps from a couple of UK interviews that aired yesterday - BBC Breakfast video / screencaps & GMTV video / screencaps. I could listen to her talk for hours lol ... so I think I might add a bunch of other videos over the weekend ;) As long-term visitors to NM will remember, every year we have the Nicole Kidman Advent Calendar here in the rundown to Christmas, and this year will be no different! Look out for it's launch right here over the weekend (it might be a couple of days late because I am yet to make it/put anything together for it ;))

Click for new downloadable videos Click for new downloadable videos

November 29th- I'm starting to catch up on all this week's new pics! Today I have added candids, the first batch of HQs from Tuesday's premiere, gorgeous new pictures from the London TGC press conference, and some movie caps - browse through the list below or click here for all new Gallery additions. A note about emails: if you've emailed me/submitted something through any of the forms on this site since Sunday then please resend your email because I will not have received it due to (very annoying) email problems. It should all be working ok now though. Stay tuned for lots of new goodies over the next week or so, including Golden Compass games & contests, videos, a new feature and with any luck a new layout! Remember to let me know (email, forum, or comment here) what you think of the updates and if you have any suggestions, comments or contributions for the site =)

Looking for more Golden Compass cast coverage? Then look no further than our fabulous co-star sites - Dakota Blue Resource, Eva Green Web & Dedicated To Daniel - you won't find better sites for Nic's co-stars then these!

New Gallery additions:
• Malice screencaptures x458 (thanks Kelly!)
• Malice DVD menu's screencaptures x7 (thanks Kelly!)
• The Golden Compass London Press Conference x7 (wooa just gorgeous!)
• Court Appearance x28 more
• Court Appearance HQs x12 more
• Sydney, November 22nd (?) x4
• London, November 26th x9 more
• London, November 26th HQs x4
• London, November 27th x8
• London, November 27th HQs x14
• The Golden Compass London Premiere HQs x30

November 26th- Sorry for the lack of updates again, I've been busy with offline stuff. I've done a bit of a catch-up update in the Gallery today, and have added 2 lots of new candids, pictures of Nicole at court last week, and some Golden Compass goodies including clip screencaptures, new HQs and merchandise. Click here for all new additions. As you will notice from the new candids, Nic is in London at the moment (Keith is with her I think) and will be attending the world premiere of The Golden Compass tomorrow night - look out for exclusive pictures and videos here on Wednesday/Thursday!

November 16th- Margot At The Wedding hits selected cinemas in North America today! Check your local listings for showtimes, and if it is showing in your area then don't miss it! Nicole has been getting great reviews, and it is apparantly a very witty and funny film. If you have seen it, don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the forum, or send in a full review!

Margot At The Wedding - in selected North American cinemas now

November 12th- Nic was on Good Morning America this morning, and she's also done an interview with Access Hollywood. Click the links below for the videos, and we will have caps and hopefully downloadable versions for you asap!
Good Morning America video • Access Hollywood video

November 10th- I have lots of new pictures for you today =D I've added 2 new candid sets of Nic in NYC yesterday - she was out and about promoting Margot At The Wedding and stopped off at the ABC studios to film an interview for Good Morning America. She also posed for a new photoshoot which you can find HQs of in the Gallery. We have scans from the new Marie Claire and the November 12th issue of People, both thanks to Melanie. The People scans are of an interview with Keith, and while I wouldn't normally post Keith-only items, the interview is mainly about him and Nic, and features some nice pics. Thanks also to Lea for a scan from the German Vanity Fair!

November 8th- Finally, an update! As I said in the last update, I'm really busy with Uni at the moment which is why updates have been/will be slow for a while. Well, the Urbans attended the CMAs last night, and Nicole looked stunning in a vibrant pink, purple and black Alexander McQueen dress. Unfortunately Keith did not win any of the awards on the night, but as expected the couple set the red carpet alight! Pictures will be added in the Gallery tonight, and you can read some tidbits from the event in the News.
I've done a bunch of small updates around the site today - I've gone through ALL emails now, and added new affiliates and your Interact responses (thanks to those of you who submitted something!), including a Fan of The Month. There a new page in the Interact section for you to nominate a picture to be used as Picture Of The Moment, so go and find your fave Nic pic and send it in. Also, please apply to be Fan Of The Month! We have 2 new interviews, the News has been updated as has the Site Of The Moment and Pic OTM on the sidebar.
Look out for new features here at the site in the next month or so. We (Kelly and I) are working on updating the Media section, and there will also be new Interact features and Nicole section pages. Remember, any and all contributions for any area of the site are always greatly appreciated =)

October 31st- I've added a few pictures to the Gallery, click here for the new uploads. Updates may be slow for a while because I have a lot of work to do for University. Obviously I will update as often as I can, but be aware that they may not be as frequent or large as they have been in the past couple of months.

October 29th- We now have 21 normal size pictures and 93 HQs from yesterday's ARIA Awards! (Please do not repost our pictures). I said it yesterday but I'll say it again - Nicole and Keith look gorgeous and very much in love!! You can read some tidbits about the event in the News, including how Keith dedicated his award to his wife. Congratulations to Keith on his win for Best Country Album ... these two must have a whole house to store all their awards in, hehe!

October 28th- Nicole and Keith made their first ever red carpet appearance together earlier today at the ARIA Awards in Sydney, and they looked beyond gorgeous!! Pictures will be added in the Gallery in a short while, or you can see some previews in the forum.

October 26th-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH! We hope you have a wonderful day spent with your wife and filled with happiness

If you're wondering why things around here have been quiet, it's because I've been busy with offline things, and because I'm working on a new feature for the site! I'm hoping to get it opened next week sometime, so stay tuned! You may've noticed I've added a 'Calendar' on the sidebar - things are most likely going to be very hectic in the next couple of months as Nic promotes The Golden Compass, so the Calendar is there to help you keep track of where to spot her. If you hear of further appearances then don't hesitate to let me know!

October 19th- I forgot I still had these to add:
• New Line Celebration x52
• MATW NYFF Premiere x88
• MATW Press Conference x40

October 18th- I'm excited about this update, it's a good one - packed full of gorgeous pictures and topped off with some new Margot goodies! The list is below =) I think Nicole's Golden Globe 2003 look might be my all-time favourite, she looks so stunning and ethereal. And do I need to say anything about how wonderful the 2003 Oscar pics are?! Our Nic looks so proud and cute ^_^ Just gorgeous And with these additions I have finally finished adding all the pictures I have on my computer. I still have a zillion magazines/clippings to scan though, and I will be searching out more picture online. I think I will focus on the Media/Fanart section next and it will be going through some changes ;) As for the new Margot goodies, the official site has now been opened and features new pictures and information, as well as the opportunity to ask the director, Noah Baumbach, questions! Visit the site at Thanks go to petrarca for the news.
• Golden Globes 2003 x63
• Golden Globes 2003 Party x11
• Golden Globes 2003 HQs x190
• The Oscars 2003 Press Room HQs x164
• MATW Official Site Screencaptures x11

October 17th- Well it's actually turned into a pretty huge update today! This morning I added screencaps from episode 5-9 of Vietnam, capped for us by the uber-wonderful Kelly and since then I seem to have been in a picture-adding mood, hehe. I'll list the new additions below, it's easier to read ;)

• Episodes 5-10 of Vietnam x a lot
• Making The Special Effects Feature on The Invasion x38 (thanks Ricky!)
• UNIFEM visit to Kosovo, October 15th 2006 HQs x9
• Nintendo Brain Training promo campaign x2 *new* promos
• Oscars 2003 Press Room x179 (many more HQs of this coming next)
• a few more Event/ Award Ceremony pictures here and there

October 13th- 192 HQs from the American Cinematheque Awards 2003 have been added to the Gallery today! I've also added a bunch of HQs from the set of The Interpreter. Nicole looked stunning at the American Cinematheque Awards, I think it's one of my absolute favourite looks of hers ^_^

October 12th- I've added the rest of the London Film Critics Awards 2002 & London Film Critics Awards 2002 HQs pictures tonight. Nicole looks luminous and she and Ewan are cute together! The Invasion opens in UK cinemas today!! If you get the chance, go and see it. The reviews haven't been great, but the fans reaction has been good, so see it and make your own mind up!

October 11th- HQs from the Oscars 2004 have been added! There are 104 in total. I'll try and add the remaining few sets of Award Ceremony pictures over the weekend =)

October 10th- Ready for lots of GORGEOUS pictures?! I've added more, mainly HQs, from the events held over the weekend, screencaps from the all-new The Golden Compass trailer and a new TGC poster. Nicole did not attend the trailer screening last night though. The film looks fantastic - action-packed and full of fascinating characters. Only 2 months left to wait til we can see it! Links to the Gallery additions and the trailer (downloadable version coming soon) below. Beware the direct download links give you MASSIVE files, so I recommend sticking to the Yahoo one.

Trailer at Yahoo! Movies • Direct Download - Large (64MB) • Direct Download - Larger (155MB) • Direct Download - Huge (200+MB)!

• New Line Cinema's 40th Anniversary Celebration HQs x127
• Margot At The Wedding New York Film Festival Premiere HQs x87
• The Golden Compass official trailer screencaps x54
• The Golden Compass *new* poster x1

The Golden Compass Official Trailer The Golden Compass Official Trailer

October 9th- Ok, I've got started on adding all the new pictures! The links are below, and there are a lot more HQs to come. Nicole is expected to attend the 'premiere' of the official Golden Compass trailer tonight. The trailer will be shown on big screens in Rockefeller in New York City, and will debut online at Yahoo Movies around the same time. Also pay a visit to the official TGC blog which I expect will also have the trailer tonight. Expect pictures and trailer caps tomorrow, time permitting =)
• >Margot At The Wedding Press Conference x18
• New Line Cinema's 40th Anniversary Celebration x122 (more to come!)
• Margot At The Wedding New York Film Festival Premiere x116 (more to come!)
• Margot At The Wedding New York Film Festival Premiere HQs x25 (more to come!)

October 8th- Sorry I'm only just updating now, I was busy at the weekend due to the fact that it was my birthday, hehe ;) And now I'm having internet problems so can't properly update. Which is annoying because I have hundreds of gorgeous all-new pictures to add! As well as the Margot Photocall/Q&A and New Line Celebration that Nic attended over the weekend, she also made an appearance at the Margot Premiere last night! She looked gorgeous in an of-white/cream dress and lacy shoes. I will add pics to the Gallery asap but meanwhile you can see them in the forum (registration is currentl open there).

October 5th- Miss Kidman is now in New York for the film festival where she will be promoting Margot At The Wedding and The Golden Compass. This afternoon she attended a photocall/Q&A session for Margot with her director and co-stars. You can view pictures (with more to come) in the Gallery =) I've also continued work on the Award Ceremonies section and added another few hundred pictures in there.
New York Film Festival schedule: Nicole has attended a Margot Photocall/Q&A this afternoon, and tonight will attend a celebration event for New Line; Margot will be screened on Sunday (7th); the official Golden Compass trailer will be premiered on Tuesday (9th).
Edit: Kelly has just pointed out that pictures have surfaced from the New Line event! I'll add a couple to the Gallery now, and you can see more in the forum or check back here for them tomorrow!! Nicole looks gorgeous!
• Golden Globes 2004 HQs x44
• BAFTAs 2003 x33
• BAFTAs 2003 HQs x78
• BAFTAs 2003 Pre-Party HQs x5
• MTV Movie Awards 2002 x50
• MTV Movie Awards 2002 HQs x66
• Margot At The Wedding Photocall and Q&A HQs x6
• New York October 4th HQ x1

October 4th- These past couple of days I've been cracking on with the Award Ceremonies section of the Gallery, which is the remaining part to be completed (well, apart from the Scans section). Below is the list of all new additions, and many more will follow including the MTV Movie Awards 2002, Golden Globes 2003 and HQs from the American Cinematheque Awards (where Nicole looked particularly stunning!!). I'm aware the News hasn't been updated in a month - sorry about that! Just quickly, Nicole is set to attend the New York Film Festival this weekend to promote Margot and/or The Golden Compass so expect new pics very soon!
• American Cinematheque Awards 2003 x99
• Golden Globes 2002 x58
• Golden Globes 2002 HQs x59
• Directors Guild Awards 2002 x20
• Directors Guild Awards 2002 HQs x45
• Showest Awards Gala 2002 x102 (some re-added in better quality)
• Showest Awards Gala 2002 HQs x59
• Golden Globes 2004 x29
• Golden Globes 2005 x34
• Golden Globes 2005 HQs x17

September 28th- This is another pretty good update and it's with thanks to Kelly!! I've added screencaps from the first 4 episodes of Vietnam. Vietnam is a 1987 mini-series telling a story of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war, focussing on the Goddard family. Nicole plays Meghan, who we see transform from a superficial schoolggirl to a passionate and dedicated young woman. This is by far one of my favourite things Nicole has done - it's a fascinating story and Nicole gives an incredible performance. There are over 900 screencaps in the Gallery now, with plenty more to come! Thanks again goes to Kelly for capping the show. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Nicole's best friend Naomi Watts :p

Vietnam screencaptures Vietnam screencaptures Vietnam screencaptures Vietnam screencaptures Vietnam screencaptures

September 27th- Prepare yourselves for a Nicole treat today! I've finished adding all the 2005 candids and all other candids from unknown years, meaning that section is now completed! Yay! New additions include sets of Nicole and Keith and their families from late 2005, and you cannot miss the November 26th HQs from that year - Nic & Keith look so happy together, it's adorable ^_^ Thanks to Kelly we now have 471 screencaptures from Windrider, the 1986 film in which Nicole played a rock star! Enjoy all the new pics, and don't forget to comment :p Look out for more screencaps next ...

Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures Windrider screencaptures

September 26th- For those of you that don't check the Gallery regularly, I added 6 HQ pictures from a promoshoot for The Golden Compass last night! Nicole looks gorgeous as Mrs Coulter. Thanks to 'palpatine' for these =)

The Golden Compass Promoshoot HQs The Golden Compass Promoshoot HQs The Golden Compass Promoshoot HQs The Golden Compass Promoshoot HQs

September 24th- I've finished adding the 2004 candids now, and I'll try and get the remaining 2001 set up tonight. Then expect the 2005 sets, including some Nic and Keith!

September 23rd- All 2003 and most 2004 candids have been uploaded, and as you may notice from the empty albums there are more to come from 2004. 2003 was the year Nicole dated Lenny Kravitz, so there are some pics of them out and about together including some with her kids. Enjoy =)

September 21st- 2001 and 2002 candids are up! There are some great sets in there - Nicole was spotted out dining/partying with friends including Ewan McGregor and Stephen Daldry a few times in these years, and there are also nice ones with Antonia, her mum, Tobey Maguire (Spiderman!), and Ms Watts! Don't miss the July 20th 2002 set of Nic and Antonia bumping into Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in Beverley Hills, and those infamous shots from August 10th 2001 of Nic looking relieved after leaving her lawyers office, reportedly after her divorce was finalized. One more set from 2001 (with Ewan!) still to come...

September 20th- I've been on a roll today and have added 10 years worth of candids!! I've added all the candids I have from 1990 right up to 2000 - that's around 200 pictures. They include pictures of Nicole with Tom, and Bella and Connor when they were younger. I was unsure about posting the pictures featuring Nic's children, but I have added them for now ... I may change my mind and remove them at some point though. What do you think, should we post pics of Nicole's kids? It's a bit of a difficult issue. Anyway, enjoy these pictures, and look out for the 2001-2005 candids coming asap!

September 19th- I've finished re-doing the Photoshoots section of the gallery! There has been some re-organising, I've replaced some pictures with better quality versions, added (quite a lot of) new pictures to existing sets and added new sets. Some of the new additions are quite rare, and there are some really gorgeous pictures in there, as you would imagine with any Nicole pic ;) Can I also point out that I do ask you NOT to re-post any of these pictures elsewhere online. I've got some great Interpreter set pics to add next, some are really cute =D

September 17th- I'm starting work on the Photoshoots section now!

September 15th- Here's a slightly bigger update I mentioned! More to come depending on time so keep an eye on the Gallery for more new uploads.
» Margot - On the set May 31st 2006 HQs x11
» Margot - On the set May 26th 2006 HQs x28
» Margot - On the set May 24th 2006 HQs x54
» Margot - On the set May 22nd 2006 HQs x11
» Margot - On the set May 17th 2006 HQs x11
» The Interpreter various set HQs x20
» Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards HQ x31

September 14th- Oops, sorry for the lack of updates here. I will try to get a big update in this weekend. I added scans from the new Ladies Home Journal a few days ago, and yesterday I added the new Vanity Fair scans. Thanks Kelly for the LHJ scans <33 And I did a small gallery update last night, adding some a few photoshoots and a set of older event pics. I need to re-do the Photoshoots section, so if everything in there disappears, you'll know why!
» Ladies Home Journal, October 2007 x9
» Vanity Fair, October 2007 x13
» All other new additions

September 5th- As you might've heard Nicole is on the cover of the new October issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Inside is an honest and revealing interview, and a stunning (and again quite revealing!) photoshoot! Nicole look fantastic in these new pictures. The magazine hits news-stands in NY and LA today, and nationwide on Tuesday. According to today's UK papers it is out here (UK) on Friday. We will have scans for you asap! Nic is also on the cover of the October issue of Ladies Home Journal - more details on that as they become available. Well I haven't posted an update here for a few days, but I have been updating! I will post a brief list below, but click here for the many new additions.
» The Oscars 2007 x355
» The Oscars 2007 HQs x18
» The Oscars 2003 Press Room x69 (more to come!)
» The Oscars 2003 Press Room HQs x81 (more to come!)
» The Visiting/Invasion Press Conference HQs x32
» ET 13th August 2007 x49 (thanks Kelly)
» ET 14th August 2007 x50 (thanks Kelly)
» Access Hollywood 5th September 2007 x27

August 31st- All Cold Mountain Premiere pictures are up! She and Jude look incredibly gorgeous together in these pictures =D And with that, the Premieres Gallery is all done - woo! So now I have the Candids and Award Ceremonies section to do ... Expect more pictures this weekend, all being well...
Cold Mountain London Premiere HQs x153

August 30th- I've started to add the Cold Mountain London Premiere HQs, you can see them here. There are 80+ more to come so keep watching that album. I'll post here when they're all done =)

August 24th- I've added a whole bunch of scans tonight, click here to see them all. A big thank you goes to April, Melanie, Elyse, Elina, Ricky and Kelly for these scans =D I also added a few more Invasion posters and after I posted last update I added a few Nic/Keith candids HQs thanks to Jen <3 More scans coming thanks to Kelly, so keep an eye on the Gallery!

August 22nd- I've added some movie pictures today - I've capped a Behind The Scenes video and Photoreel from the official Golden Compass site (she looks so gorgeous in this movie!), added a new Invasion poster, and replaced some of the Invasion stills with larger versions. I'm going to start adding scans now, and a very big thank you goes to Maria, Jen and April for them! Remember, the Invasion contest closes tomorrow so get your entries in now to be in with a chance of winning a movie poster!

» TGC Official Site Behind The Scenes Screencaptures x52
» TGC 'What a marriage…' Photoreel Screencaptures x15
» Larger Invasion stills
» New Invasion poster x1
» Scans being uploaded now

The Golden Compass 'What a marriage…' Photoreel Screencaptures The Golden Compass 'What a marriage…' Photoreel Screencaptures The Golden Compass Official Site Behind The Scenes Screencaptures The Invasion poster

August 19th- More pictures from Events ranging from 2000 to 2006 have been added - click HERE to see them all. And thanks also to Angie for a scan from the September issue of UK In Style. I have a backlog of scans to add thanks to various people, so I think I'll start adding them next, along with the rest of the Premieres gallery (< there's so many of them!!). Nicole and The Golden Compass are featured in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (Reese Witherspoon cover) in their Fall Movie Preview - if anyone can make scans for NM that would be much appreciated! EDIT: I decided there was no time like the present to continue with those Premiere pictures, so have now uploaded ALL the Interpreter London Premiere HQs! These are definetely some of favourite Nicole pictures, because she just looks stunning ... and I was there and got to see her face to face, hehe :p I love these pictures <3 Cold Mountain London Premiere HQs to come...

August 18th- I've added a few videos today: E! Daily 10 02/08/07 & E! News 02/08/07 (thanks Mariana), Star Movies VIP Access Invasion interview, The Invasion Comic Con Trailer & End Violence Against Women Campaign 2007 (thanks Jess). I've also caught up on all Interact submissions including Adoptions! I also want to say thanks to the forum members for posting all the latest stuff there, in particular Lea, 'skanky' and Kelly - you're all a massive help in keeping the site going! Talking of the forum, you are able to register yourself there today (and today only), so please sign up and come and join in our chat! I may update the Gallery later so keep an eye out...

E! Daily 10 02/08/07 E! News 02/08/07 The Invasion Comic Con Trailer End Violence Against Women Campaign 2007

August 17th- The Invasion hits North American cinemas today! Please go and see the film to support Nicole - it's a new genre for her, and I'm sure she's brilliant in it (as always). For international release dates check here. If you do go and see the film, we'd love to hear your opinions on it! You can post them at the forum or submit them through the fan reviews page.


August 16th- I've added 4 TV Spots and 6 clips from The Invasion, and I will also update our Invasion filmography page tonight. Don't forget, the film opens in North America tomorrow!

The Invasion TV Spots The Invasion TV Spots The Invasion Clips The Invasion Clips The Invasion Clips

August 13th- More Interpreter premiere pics have been uploaded, with the London HQs to come. I'm also pleased to launch our new Invasion Contest!! Click the graphic on the sidebar or below to find out all about it. Unfortunately it is only open to residents of the US and Canada (the WB's rule not mine) though. Despite that, I think it's a pretty fun contest, so if you can enter please do! More Invasion goodies to come this week, to celebrate it's release this Friday (17th)!
» The Interpreter Tribeca x50
» The Interpreter Tribeca HQs x46
» The Interpreter London x37

The Invasion Contest

August 12th- I added HQ stills from The Invasion yesterday, and now I'm working on The Interpreter Tribeca Premieres =)

August 10th- I'm getting there with the Premieres section, new additions are listed below. The Others LA set are some of my favourites - again she goes for a very simple look but she looks so natural and beautiful. Plus she attended with best pals Rebecca Rigg and Naomi Watts! Cold Mountain London and the Interpreter London & Tribeca ones still to come. You're all very quiet these days, barely anyone is commenting! Do you not like these updates?!
» Moulin Rouge London x35
» Moulin Rouge London HQs x72
» The Others LA HQs x88
August 9th- I finished the Moulin Rouge premieres last night, list below! These are definetely some of my favourite sets, I think she looked her best in 2001, she just looked ... wow More from 2001 to come next, with the MR London premiere pics and The Others LA HQs. EDIT: Again I've been adding more Premiere pictures, this time a random bunch so just click here to see all new additions. I've also uploaded more set pictures from Fur and Bewitched. I'd really like to finish the Premieres section this week so keep a look out daily for new additions =D
» Moulin Rouge LA x17
» Moulin Rouge LA HQs x32
» Moulin Rouge NY x20
» Moulin Rouge NY HQs x31
» Moulin Rouge Sydney x18
» Moulin Rouge Sydney HQs x8
» Moulin Rouge London footage screencaps x28

August 8th- More premiere pictures ... almost done now! Today we have pics from the Dogville premieres, held in 2003 and 2004. My favourites of these are the NY Film Festival ones - her outfit is very simple but she looks sooooo beautiful Look out for the rest of the MR ones tonight and tomorrow. I've also added a few other pics here and there including film stills and magazine pics. When you've looked through the new gallery additions please pay a visit to my new site for Nicole's best friend Naomi Watts at Blue Jewel: Naomi Watts. Don't worry, NM will always be my priority, but I hope those of you who also like Ms Watts will support and enjoy that site too
Blue Jewel: Naomi Watts

» Dogville New York x148
» Dogville New York HQs x110
» Dogville Toronto Film Festival HQs x22
» Dogville New York Film Festival x162
» Dogville New York Film Festival HQs x72
» Miscellaneous Magazine Covers x10
» Moulin Rouge Press Event in Japan x1

August 7th- I have some Invasion goodies for you today =) I've added a new poster and screencaps from 4 fantastic TV Spots for the film - thanks to Lea for the poster and the link to the vids! You can watch those 4 spots at Look out for an Invasion contest here in a few days! I've also added caps from an old Access Hollywood interview, the video of which is in the forum.
» The Invasion TV Spot #1 Screencaptures x21
» The Invasion TV Spot #2 Screencaptures x19
» The Invasion TV Spot #3 Screencaptures x27
» The Invasion TV Spot #4 Screencaptures x18
» The Invasion new poster x1
» Access Hollywood circa 1998 Screencaptures x132

August 6th- It's another pretty big update today! I've finished adding all pictures from The Hours premieres, and started on The Interpreter. The Hours LA premiere pictures are particularly worth a look, because she looks so natural and gorgeous. A few new interviews have popped up online, presumably as promotion for The Invasion - the links to the videos are below and screencaps have been added to the Gallery. There is also a new candid of Nic arriving in Kununurra where Australia is now being filmed. Thanks go to Lea for the Campbell video link and to Grace for the new candid. Enjoy the new pictures!
New Video Interviews: Campbell Live • CBS ShowBuzz

» Campbell Live Talks To Nicole Kidman August 6th x167
» CBS ShowBuzz The Invasion Interview x59
» Kununurra August 6th x1
» The Interpreter Sydney x11
» The Interpreter Sydney HQs x41
» The Interpreter Berlin x24
» The Interpreter Berlin HQs x16
» The Hours NY HQs x51
» The Hours LA x50
» The Hours LA HQs x60

August 5th- I'm back to add more premiere pictures! I've got through another batch tonight and the links are below. They include HQs from the God Grew Tired Of Us premiere which is one of my fave events simply because Nic was pictured with my 2 other fave celebs, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie :p and also HQs from the Human Stain premiere - her outfit was 'questionable' but she was pictured with the super-hot Wentworth Miller More from The Hours, The Interpreter, Moulin Rouge and Dogville to come ... which do you want to see first? Post a comment!
» Bewitched 17 Magazine Screening HQ x01
» Bewitched NY x54
» Bewitched NY HQs x33
» God Grew Tired Of Us HQs x79
» The Human Stain NY HQs x92
» The Hours NY x12
» The Hours LA Screening x5

July 29th- After starting on the Cold Mountain premieres last night, I decided to continue with them and try and get them all uploaded. So today I have added normal sized pictures from the NY premiere, and HQs from the LA and NY premieres - all CM premiere pics are now done APART from the rest of the London HQs. After that I decided to tackle the premieres for The Others, and I will start uploading them in a minute. I've gotta say, I wasn't keen on Nicole's outfits for the CM premieres back then in 2003, but now I love them, especially the NY outfit, she just looks gorgeous! Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to comment here :p
» Cold Mountain LA Premiere HQs x103
» Cold Mountain LA After Party x1
» Cold Mountain LA After Party HQs x17
» Cold Mountain NY Premiere x183
» Cold Mountain NY Premiere HQs x101
» The Others NY Premiere x29
» The Others NY Premiere HQs x52
» The Others LA Premiere x31
» The Others Spain Premiere HQs x9
» The Others Sydney Premiere x20
» The Others Sydney Premiere HQs x8
» The Others AMPAS Screening x2 (and a few in a larger size)

July 28th- Sorry again for the shortage of updates, offline things have kind of taken over. I've added a bunch of pictures again today - brief list and some previews below, see all new uploads HERE.
» New-ish Australia set pics
» 3 new Birth stills/poster/artwork HQs
» 2 Golden Compass HQs ()
» rare Birthday Girl set picture
» Fur DVD Extras Screencaps - Deleted Scenes: Diane sees the Doctor
» Fur DVD Extras Screencaps - Deleted Scenes: David lectures Allan
» Fur DVD Extras Screencaps - HBO First Look
» International Fur DVD Artwork
» 2 new stills from The Invasion
» 2 sets of new candids
» Cold Mountain LA Premiere (as sort-of requested!)
» CM London Premiere

International Fur DvD Artwork FUR DVD Extras Screencaps - 'Diane sees the Doctor' deleted scene FUR DVD Extras Screencaps - HBO First Look FUR DVD Extras Screencaps - HBO First Look

July 16th- I'm sorry for not posting an update here for a while, I've been busy working on other sites *sorry!* I have added quite a lot of pictures to the Gallery since the last post though, mostly new candids, film posters & set pics and appearance HQs. Special mention goes to the new Batman Forever screencaps, thanks to Kelly <3 (happy birthday for yesterday!), Fur Region 2 DVD menu caps, and new candids from the 14th and 15th July of Nic & Keith in Sydney. See all the new additions here. Thanks to everyone (mostly the forum members!) for their contributions =)

*new* The Golden Compass posters *new* The Golden Compass posters Batman Forever screencaps Batman Forever screencaps Batman Forever screencaps Batman Forever screencaps Batman Forever screencaps

July 9th- And the winner of the Birthday contest is ... AMY! Congratulations to Amy who was the ONLY person to get all questions 100% correct - she will receive the rare Hollywood Reporter magazine and movie magnets! A runner-up will be decided on shortly, due to the fact that no-one else got all the questions right ;) Congrats once again to Amy, and thank you to everyone who entered! It was a hard contest and you all did a great job =D

July 6th- Remember the CONTEST ends today! Enter now if you haven't already done so!! Today I have added the content of last years Advent Calendar to the site, which includes scans, HQs and quotes. There were lots of videos in the Calendar and I will re-add them as and when I can. Now for some movie updates, which I've been meaning to post for days ... the official Margot At The Wedding site has been launched, and you can find it at (thanks 'skanky' for the heads-up). It features the trailer, synopsis and some stills at the moment, and the new stills have been added to the Gallery (thanks Heather!). A new poster for The Invasion (thanks again to 'skanky') and 4 gorgeous new stills from The Golden Compass (thanks 'confirm') have been released and these are of course viewable in our Gallery now . Last but not least, I've added the Opening Titles game, Nic & Keith Concentration & Happy Feet Picture Memory from the Advent Calendar, and there are some new games coming up too :p oh, and I changed the '...Of The Moments' the other day - make sure you pay a visit to our fabulous new Site OTM - Abbie Cornish Online, a fansite dedicated to the young Aussie actress who has been called 'the new Nicole Kidman' - certainly makes her worth a look/watch (she's actually pretty good in her own right too)!!

*new* The Invasion poster *new* The Golden Compass stills (3 HQ, 1 regular) *new* The Golden Compass stills (3 HQ, 1 regular) *new* Margot At The Wedding stills & official site screencaptures

EDIT: The official site for The Invasion has been updated and content has been added! View the site at All the new stills have been added to the Gallery. I've gotta say, the more I see of this movie the more excited I am for it!

*new* The Invasion stills *new* The Invasion stills *new* The Invasion stills

July 5th- The contest was meant to end yesterday, but I didn't post a reminder about it, so I'm giving you an extra day from now - the contest will now close at the end of Friday 6th, GMT time!! The winner will be announced at the weekend, and I can tell you that so far I have only received 2 correct entries :p Pictures have been added to the Gallery since I last posted here, so go and have a look at them. Still more 2006 candids to come...

June 30th- I haven't posted here for a few days, but I have been updating! I've added yet more candids - 2007 candids are all done now, and I have a final batch of 2006 HQ candids from the wedding week to add. I've added all your Interact responses, and updated the affiliates. There will also be a new Picture and Site of the Moment today.

June 26th- I added a ton of candids last night and today, and there are more to come...!

June 25th-
Happy Anniversary Nicole & Keith!
"Joyous spirits chasing butterflies are we"

Cupcakes made by Kelly for Nic & Keith's Anniversary - click to eat!

Nicole and Keith celebrate one year of marriage today, and we would like to wish them a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Nicole & Keith, you as individuals and as a couple, are an inspiration to many of us, and we hope you have many more years of happiness together. You can leave your anniversary wishes for the couple here and/or at the forum.

Today it has been announced that Nicole will front the campaign for the new Nintendo Brain Training game. You can read about it in the news, there is a promo picture & screencaps in the Gallery, and you can download the exclusive video here. I didn't get time to add as many pictures as I had planned to last night, so I will continue with them now!

June 24th- Look out for a bunch of pictures to be added in the Gallery later today, mainly wedding week/Nic & Keith candids!

June 23rd- More big updates =) Today I've been working on the content areas of the site - some of the pages in the Web and Site sections have been updated, as well as pages in the Nicole section, particularly the Name Analysis and Cover-o-graphy pages. And I've been updating the Filmography - so far the Music and Adverts pages are as done as possible, and I've uploaded vids for them where possible - Chanel No.5, the Sky Italia spots, audio files for Come What May, One Day I'll Fly away etc... And I'm just about to upload some screencaps from a promo interview for The Hours, thanks to Ricky! Don't forget to comment on the new layout if you haven't done so already :p Nic & Keith treats to follow, to celebrate their anniversary on Monday!!

June 22nd- Ok, first up, I've uploaded the Margot trailer and ET Margot feature (from Wednesday, a preview of the trailer) for you to download. And from a very new Nic film, to a much older one - I've added 314 screencaps from the 1986 film Nightmaster. There are also a lot of other new additions in the Gallery, so go and have a browse =) And finally, we have a new layout! Big thanks to my very talented friend Jess for it. It has a birthday/anniversary theme to it, featuring some of Nic's best moments over the past 40 years and of course, the wedding picture <3 I think it looks beautiful and of course I'd love to hear your comments on it, as well as the updates, so don't be shy - leave a comment!

June 21st- The birthday updates continue =) Hundreds of new pictures have been added in the last day - I can't list them all here, so just click the 'Last Uploads' link in the Gallery! They are from various events in recent years ... it's fascinating to see how Nic has changed, and of course to be reminded of all her beautiful outfits!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed pictures. Special thanks today to Rob for a bunch of magazine scans that have been added both today and a few weeks ago, and Bea and maria_dolores for scans added a few weeks ago. And we have some exciting movie news as well - the trailer and poster for Margot At The Wedding have been released today! The simple yet elegant poster can be seen in the gallery (thanks Lea and Heather!) and the link for the trailer is here (thanks Miranda), to be uploaded here asap. Don't forget to leave your comments here or at the forum on the updates & the trailer/ poster, and wishes for Nic!

June 20th-

We here at Nicole's Magic would like to wish you a very happy day filled with love, laughter and joy, because you really do deserve it. Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration to us through your films, charity work and the way you live your life. We have so much love and admiration for you Nicole. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

As mentioned the other day I have a lot of goodies for you to celebrate our Nicole's 40th birthday today! To start with, the Contest is up! There are a lot of questions and I've tried to make them quite difficult, but all answers can be found here on the site and the prizes are pretty good ;) Next, I've added 6 exclusive clips from Bangkok Hilton thanks to super-fan (and super-person LOL) Kelly. Needless to say, they're worth a watch because it's a really good series and Nicole is excellent in it. Stay tuned for more updates...
You can post your birthday messages for Nicole in the comments here AND/OR at the forum. Please take a second to do this!

By Elyse By Heather By John By Lelka By Melanie

June 18th- As you should know, it's Nicole's 40TH BIRTHDAY (!!!!) this Wednesday, and there will be a celebration with lots of goodies here later this week. Due to the fact that I have 2 exams on Wednesday most of the goodies will be added ASAP after Wednesday, but there will be some things added on Wednesday ;) If you'd like to submit birthday-themed fanart (graphics/'cards' (not icons)) to be posted right here on the big day then please email it to me. And there will be a big party at the forum, so make sure you pay that a visit!
As mentioned a couple of updates ago, I have exams at the moment which is why updates here are very slow. I added almost 500 screencaps from The Peacemaker (great movie!) the other day thanks to Kelly <3, and today I have a couple of vid links for you - a short Lagerfeld Confidential documentary thanks to Lea, and a YouTube video from the set of Australia thanks to 'cqumackay'. And I caught up on adding affiliates and interact responses.

June 9th-
The Invasion Trailer The Invasion - Trailer 1
Length: 2:29 min
Size: 15.1 MB
DOWNLOAD (downloaded times)

May 21st- A teaser trailer for The Golden Compass has been released, and you can view it online in various formats here. Footage from the film was also screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and Daniel Craig, Eva Green & Dakota Blue Richards attended a press conference and photocall for the film there! You can view pictures of Nicole's co-stars by clicking their names above ^^ Nicole was unfortunately not able to attend because of the 'Australia' filming schedule =(

May 15th- I'm so sorry about the lack of updates! Offline life has just taken over and I haven't had time/been able to update. Updates will probably continue to be slow over the next few weeks, but when I do have more time there will be some nice goodies for you ;) Remember to join/login to the forum - ALL the latest news and pictures are being posted there by our fabulous members <3 So check there regularly if no updates are posted here. Keep an eye out though, as I will probably add pictures as and when I can...

April 30th- Dead Calm caps have been added!

• Dead Calm Film Screencaptures x913

April 29th- Far and Away caps are up! It's a cliched and predictable movie, but it's still quite entertaining, so see it if you can! I've also added a downloadable version of the Bop Girl video for you, as requested. Dead Calm and Nightmaster caps next - your choice which comes first! Post a comment to this update to let me know which you'd like to see first, but be quick because I'll be starting the next set tomorrow :p

• Far and Away Film Screencaptures x959 (total)
• Bop Girl video

April 28th- The first batch of Far and Away film screencaps are up! I also added caps from the trailer, dvd menu's and cast notes from the dvd. Stay tuned for the rest of the caps from F&A...

• Far and Away Film Screencaptures x219 (so far)
• Far and Away Trailer Screencaptures x43
• Far and Away DVD Menu's Screencaptures x6
• Far and Away DVD Extras 'Cast Notes' Screencaptures x6

April 27th- All the Moulin Rouge screencaps are now up! There are 1676 caps in total - quite a lot, but Nic is in most scenes and there are so many beautiful shots in the film. Nicole looks so gorgeous in this film ... but we all knew that already ;) Nightmaster, Far and Away and Dead Calm caps coming next...
• Moulin Rouge Film Screencaptures x1676 (total)

April 26th- ...and more movie caps! I've finally bitten the bullet and start to cap Moulin Rouge - so far there are over 1000 caps for your viewing pleasure. The rest will be up tomorrow/this weekend =)
• Moulin Rouge Film Screencaptures x1134

April 25th- I'm back from my holiday, and today I've capped the My Life DVD, which includes the trailer, film and menu's!
• My Life Film Screencaptures x784
• My Life DVD Menu's Screencaptures x4
• My Life Trailer Screencaptures x37

April 17th- Just to let you know there will be no updates for the next week because I am away. Stay tuned for big picture updates when I get back though!!

April 12th- It's just a small update today - I've added a video from Channel 4's 100 Greatest Musicals, where Moulin Rouge was ranked at #10 (9 places too low don't you think?! :p). I've also started work on a new feature in the Style section, which is a Rundown of Nicole's casual and glamour style over the years.

April 11th- For the last few weeks I have been working on re-doing the 100x100/LJ icons pages, but there is still a LOT to do! I have lots of your creations still to add, and if you've made any icons that you'd like to see displayed here and haven't sent them in yet, then feel free to do so! Full credit is given to all contributors. I added a bunch of Public Appearances icons a couple of days ago, featuring pictures from events Nicole has attended since NM first came online! I've updated the Videos section with the following videos: Event - MTV Movie Awards 2005 (thanks Maria!), TV Specials - LivingTV Hollywood Stars, Red Carpet - Access Hollywood Oscars 2007 and Red Carpet - Channel 9 Oscars 2007 Special (thanks April!). And I've added a Survey in the Site section for you to fill in and give me your opinions on NM - please take a few minutes to do this as it would be very helpful =)

April 10th- The rest of the Fur screencaps are now up - thanks once again to Ricky! There are a lot of screencaps, and I do not like adding so many but I'm making an exception because Nicole makes some great expressions and Ricky made some beautiful caps. We also have some rare scans from the Vanity Fair April 1995 issue which features an extended cover of Nicole and some other leading ladies (of the time!), thanks to my pal April. And a week or so ago I added scans from the April 2007 issue of Russian Psychologies, which were kindly contributed by Kirill! Thanks Ricky, Kirill and April :p

• Fur Screencaptures xlots! (thanks Ricky)
• Vanity Fair April 1995 x2 (thanks April)
• Russian Psychologies April 2007 x6 (thanks Kirill)

April 9th- The forum is back online *thank god*!! I've added the first batch of caps from Fur today, courtesy of Ricky - thank you so much Ricky! The rest will be added tomorrow. I've also added two HQs from Lifetime Television's "End Violence Against Women" 2007 campaign, which are thanks to the lovely Isabelle.

• Fur Screencaptures x1346 (thanks Ricky)
• Lifetime Television's "End Violence Against Women" 2007 campaign x2 (thanks Isabelle)

Fur Screencaptures Fur Screencaptures Fur Screencaptures Fur Screencaptures Fur Screencaptures

April 8th- Yesterday was Nicole's Magic's 5th birthday (!!) but I was so busy trying to get the site set up properly I forgot to post about it. But it was 5 years ago to this day that NM officially opened it's doors. So happy birthday to NM I cannot believe this site has been online for 5 years, it's quite weird! A very big thank you goes to the people listed under 'special thanks' here, to the forum members (you keep the site alive!!) and to everyone who has visited and supported the site I did plan a big birthday update this weekend but because of the host move I haven't been able to. The birthday updates will take place this week though!! And more birthday 'celebrations' will take place in the forum when it is back. As you can read in the most recent updates, NM has moved hosts - everything should be working properly (no? let me know...) but I still need to add the layout to every page. Thanks to Gertie for hosting NM and helping with the transfer!! So, 'birthday' updates so far:

• Bangkok Hilton Episode 1 Screencaptures x121 (thanks Kelly <3)
• Bangkok Hilton Episode 2 Screencaptures x316 (thanks Kelly <3)
• The Early Show June 2004 Screencaptures x220 (thanks Ricky!)
• Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards x63
• Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards High Quality x62

April 5th- This is another post to let you know what's going on with the site. We are still in the process of moving hosts, but things are taking later than expected. I don't know when the move will be complete, but we're working on it as quickly as possible. It is Nicole's Magic's 5th birthday this weekend, so there will be lots of goodies for you!! Expect HQs, rare candids, videos, icons, scans and more! In the meantime, I have added some pictures from Sunday's KCA event, with many more to come. Keep checking back for updates...