(2000) She and her husband Tom Cruise donated to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing New York state.
Wore a corset while filming Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) to take her waist down to 19".
Spent two weeks in bed after filming of Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) - diagnosed as suffering from "emotional stress".
Nicole's father is renowned Sydney psychologist Anthony Kidman, famous in his own right for work done with breast cancer patients, among other things.
(October 1999) Crusader against child abuse. "Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty."
Nicole is scared of butterflies
Nicole is left-handed
Nic and Bella are chocaholics
She can sew and loves to design kids clothes
When Bella was younger, Nicole made her clothes, because she didn't think there were any good clothes out there
She cooks a "wicked lamb roast"- it's her comfort food.
She thinks the "good life" is Sunday afternoon, with red wine, some opera music and cooking
Favourite food and drinks? Chocolate, ice cream, apple martini's, pizza
She can't paint
Nicole used to run an average of 7 miles every day, and 10 or 12 miles on the weekends. She can't do this anymore because she tore a cartilige and broke a rib whilst filming Moulin Rouge
She wants to raise a lot of money for ovarian cancer research.
She wants to do more fieldwork helping in Asia with "child prostitution and other slightly more controversial issues"
Her first kiss was on stage at an amateur theatre in Sydney, in a play called Spring Awakening, aged 14
Nicole loves to kiss
She wants to take her kids hiking in Bhutan
She wants to live in Morocco
One of her ambitions is "to perform Chekhov, in Russian, in Russia."
She kept a journal from age 11 - 18
Nic would love to make a documentary in Australia
She still believes in love
Nicole was once rumoured to be in line for the role of the journalist in The Life Of David Gale
Tom and Nicole once sent a photograph to Katharine Hepburn, asking her to sign it - she said no.
Nicole had to pull out of starring in 'In The Cut' because she hadn't fully recovered from a knee injury from shooting Moulin Rouge - instead she opted to just produce it.
Nicole has co-starred with 3 'Batmans' - Michael Keaton (in My Life), George Clooney (The Peacemaker), and Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)
Nicole requested the song 'Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing' was featured in Eyes Wide Shut
Nic loves to play tennis
One of Nicole's first jobs was an usherette at a cinema in Sydney
When Nicole is home she is often at Palm Beach, which is a beach north of Sydney and where they film Home and Away.
Nicole donated $100,000 to the children's hospital in Randwick in 2001. The proceeds from the Australian premiere of The Others were also donated to the hospital.
Nicole was offered the lead female role in 'Kiss The Girls', starring Morgan Freeman.
Nic entered her lemon sponge in the Great Sydney Bake-Off at the Wharf Theatre on the 25th October 1987. The event raised money for the Sydney Theatre Comapny
Nicole bought her wedding dress at a flea market in Amsterdam in 1984/5
Nic left school nine days before she was due to taker her High School Certficate, and shortly before her 17th birthday
Nicole has been on the cover of Vogue over 14 times, and Vanity Fair over 6.
Nicole took off her heels to be photographed with the other (shorter) guests after her appearance on Parkinson in 2001
For the very first Moulin Rouge rehearsal, Baz Luhrmann asked Nicole to sing 'Nobody Does It Better' by Carly Simon
As a teenager, Nicole was in a band called Divine Madness
In 1993 Nic and Tom supported Sydney's bid to host the 2000 Olympics by spending $150,000 on producing a five minute promotional video of an environmentally friendly Olympic village.
Nic was not allowed to go skydiving during filming breaks of Moulin Rouge for insurance reasons, so she did all the trapeze work in the film by herself.
Nic had less than 3 weeks to learn her lines for her role as Shelby in Steel Magnolias before the curtain went up on May 18th 1988.
Women Nicole admires include Meryl Streep, Cher, Margaret Thatcher ("as a woman, not for her politics"), Ingrid Bergman, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Katharine Hepburn, Benazir Bhutto, Australian film producers Pat Lovell and Margaret Fink.
Nicole remembers that as a teenager she waited in line for concert tickets to see ABBA.
Nicole was an extra in Pat Wilson's music video clip for 'Bop Girl' in the '80's.
Nicole is sometimes listed in hotel logs as "Ruby Slipper"
Nicole's favourite red carpet outfit she's worn is the Chartreuse Dior gown at the 1997 Oscars.
Among the many projects Nicole has been linked to in recent years are The Aviator, Mr and Mrs Smith and The Life Aquatic. She had to pull out of them due to scheduling conflicts.
Nicole and Hugo Weaving are the only 2 Americans who have had seven US box office No.1's.
The photographer who took Nic and Keith's wedding photo says the picture was unposed, and it was taken while the couple were dancing.
Nicole and best friend Naomi Watts met at an open audition over 20 years ago, and shared a cab home.
Nicole loves sharks - she would like to go deep sea diving with them, but has often been stopped by various people!
Nicole has a shark named after her

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