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Star, June 2004 - Nicole Kidman: I'm Sooo Not Perfect

Despite her 5'10" frame, the Oscar on her mantle, the five films she has lined up for next year and her two beautiful kids -- daughter, Isabella, 11, and son, Connor, 9 -- Nicole Kidman says she doesn't feel like the perfect person the world imagines her to be. "I'm nowhere near perfect," says the Aussie actress, "and I'm not trying to be." Fans, however, can see her playing Little Miss Perfect on June 11, when The Stepford Wives opens. In the film, a comedic remake of the 1975 classic (based on the best-selling Ira Levin novel) Kidman, 36, portrays Joanna Eberhart, an upper-class suburban housewife (played by Katharine Ross in the original) who discovers that the men in her Connecticut town are turning their wives into obedient robots.

Q: What are you good at around the house?

A: Cooking -- it relaxes me. Otherwise, forget it. I can't sew. I'm a very poor knitter. I can wrap Christmas presents really well.

Q: Describe the theme of The Stepford Wives.

A: It's saying that happiness is not found through perfection. The thing that I find most attractive in people are their imperfections.

Q: Do you ever feel pressure in Hollywood to be perfect?

A: Oh God, yeah! But I don't know if it's about being perfect. When you go down the red carpet, you enjoy it. It's like you're getting dressed for the prom.

Q: Do you think that housewives will be at all offended by this movie?

A: No. My mom was a housewife. But I never saw her in stilettos while baking a cake. She was real and a wonderful, wonderful role model for me. Stepford is all about presentation and not having a mind.

Q: Do you still plan on walking away from films someday?

A: I still haven't learned how to balance my life and my career. If I could do that, then certainly I would [walk away]. I would love to have another child; I would love to settle into a relationship that's really important to me. That's what I sort of see as my future.

Q: Do you live in New York now?

A: I've made three films here in New York, but I don't really have a home. It just happens to be where I am now.

Q: What characteristics would your perfect man have?

A: I don't want perfect. I think that the discovery of someone is the fun thing. I don't even know what I'm looking for. I suppose it's a mystery, isn't it?

Q: Does being a mom affect your film choices? A: I like the [filming] to be short because I have two kids. And I won't go to certain places in the world because of my kids.

Q: Is there one film that you starred in that you don't want them to see?

A: They don't see a lot of them. I took them to this event and clips from Eyes Wide Shut were shown. I was like, 'Get under the table!'

Q: Would you encourage your kids to be actors?

A: Honestly, just because their mother is famous does not mean that they are. My job is to be their mother. Once they're sixteen, if they say, 'I want to be an actor,'then it's different. But I tell them, 'Until that point, I'm the mother and what I say goes.'[Laughs].

Q: Who did that colorful pretty dress you're wearing?

A: I did. I found it in a flea market.

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