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What about Tom's ex-wife Nicole?, The Palm Beach Post, June 18th 2005

Nicole Kidman has always had a bit of a cold and calculating image. But ever since Tom Cruise, her husband of 10 years, dumped her in early 2001, and then launched a nasty war in the press to protect his image, her reputation has soared.

And even though the father of her children (Bella, 12, and Connor, 10, whom the couple adopted) has been on a very public worldwide love-spree with a woman nearly half his age, jumping on couches and yeehawing about how he's never been so smitten, Kidman, 37, has remained a class act.

"Honestly, if Tom's in love I'm so happy for him and that's a very good thing," she told David Letterman.

A rather remarkable thing to say when you consider how embarrassing the whole situation must be for her. Pick up the latest Vanity Fair, with her picture gracing the cover, and you'll discover that she is in pain.

"The wounds from her broken marriage are still visceral," writes Ingrid Sischy, the article's writer and Kidman's friend. At the time, when the marriage crashed and burned and the press frenzy was inescapable, her family closed in around her. "I was really, really scared by the whole situation. My sister and I slept in the same bed together. She would just hold me."

Yet the former Mrs. Tom Cruise's career has skyrocketed without her A-list husband. She made The Hours, Cold Mountain, The Human Stain, Dogville, Birth, The Stepford Wives, The Interpreter and now Bewitched. Quick. Think of five movies Cruise has made since the split in 2001.

In the Vanity Fair piece, she talks about her personal heartbreaks and triumphs, without criticizing Cruise.

"I've had a lot of goodbyes in my life," she says. "And when you go through a divorce and you're sharing children, you're saying goodbye a lot, and it's devastating for everyone."

She says she hasn't found lasting love since she and Cruise split and she doesn't know if she will.

Because of her film career, "My life doesn't leave me with a lot to give to somebody else," she says. "I've always said if I fall deeply in love again I will not be able to continue in this way, because each film is a relationship for me as well. It's like a love affair, or at least the equivalent. That's why I would need someone to sweep me off my feet because I probably wouldn't make a choice to give up what I'm doing otherwise."

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