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Acceptance Speech - MTV Movie Awards 2002 | Best Female Performance for Moulin Rouge

Awww (laughs)...umm a year and a half ago I would never have thought I'd be standing up here getting this so I...I'm (laughs) I'm not gonna be funny, I'm gonna be sincere. Umm you guys really supported me through a very tough time (laughs) thank you and you went and saw my films, which is really lovely and um (laughs) and uh I have to say this isn't about me though, it's about Baz Luhrmann who directed Moulin Rouge who is...(laughs) he kind of defied the odds and everyone told him that a musical would never work (laughs) and um and he sort of had this mantra which I think it's really good. It's about um being bold, being brave, taking risks and being strong and uh, I pass that on to you. Thanks.

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