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The Late Show With David Letterman, June 13th 2005

David: Our first guest is an Academy Award winning actress, who's starring in a new motion picture entitled Bewitched. It opens June 24th. Here is the very lovely Nicole Kidman. Welcome back to the show.

Nicole: Thank you.

Paul: I'm putting the glasses back on. I don't care. This is too much.

David: Exactly right.

Paul: Fantastic.

David: How're you doing?

Nicole: (laughs) Um, good thank you.

David: You, er, you spent a lot of, er, you're in Australia, is that correct? You have family in Australia?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah, my whole family...

David: You're entire family, is it?

Nicole: Yeah.

David: And so, would you like to live there? Well, you can't really live there because all of the film work is done...well, that's not true, is it? Films are done everywhere, right?

Nicole: (laughs) Ah-ha.

David: So when you're in Australia, is it the summer that you spend in Australia, or the winter?

Nicole: I sort of go back to Australia for Christmas. I spend Christmas there and then I come back to New York City.

David: And what is, er, what is like an old-fashioned Australian Christmas like?

Nicole: Oh, it's very very hot. Sort of like the weather now. Yeah. It's sort of strange, right, to have hot weather at Christmas?

David: Yes. I would think so.

Nicole: So when I feel the summer coming, I'm like, Christmas is coming.

David: Are there traditions, specific to you, Australian celebrations for the holidays?

Nicole: Um. Well, the strangest thing is, we, a lot of times we do a really hot meal, like we do the turkey and everything and we sit there sweating and eating it and pretending there's snow outside. (laughing) But, um, but actually, this year, my family did it on the beach, with er, what you would call, shrimp on the barbi.

David: There you go. That's what it ought to be, don't you think?

Nicole: Yeah. Swimming, a little shrimp on the barbi, some Christmas carols. Kinda cute. (laughs)

David: The only thing is, we tried to talk about this before...

Nicole: You're very serious.

David: I'm sorry?

Nicole: You're being very serious tonight.

David: Really?


David: Don't got there.


David: But when you go to Australia, er, people...


David: People will warn you about a lot of stuff. First of all, there's a lot of peculiar animals there that we don't have in this country, like you have the koala bears there?

Nicole: Yes.

David: Have you ever seen a koala bear?

Nicole: Oh yeah! They're real.

David: And are they like squirrels in this country? (laughing) Do you see them everywhere?

Nicole: No, not everywhere. But you see them and um, they can be quite vicious.

David: Is that right?

Nicole: Oh yeah. You wouldn't, like they're not cuddly little bears, they're (she does an impression of a vicious koala bear).


David: Are these the ones that are constantly chewing on the eucalyptus?

Nicole: Yeah, which makes them sort of dopey.

David: And are they protected wildlife?

Nicole: Yes. And then we have the roos.

David: Roos. Kangaroos. And have you ever seen kangaroos in the wild?

Nicole: Yeah! Well, no, not in the wild. But we would go on holiday and there would just be hundreds of them up at our holiday place. Um, you know, jumping.

David: Right.


Nicole: What other animals would you like to know about Dave?

David: Well, it's interesting. In this country, population in this country has been overrun by white deers.

Nicole: Oh.

David: Because for some reason, people don't hunt them the way they used to and they're just everywhere.

Nicole: Ah.

David: Honest to God, they're really getting to be like sparrows.

Nicole: I'm not big on hunting, I have to say.

David: No, nor am I.

Nicole: Well, not big on it, I don't like it too much.

David: But is it the same case with kangaroos? Are they just everywhere?

Nicole: (laughs) No. If you like go on holiday to a certain place, you'll see them. (she turns her head to the audience) Is this interesting?

David: Yeah.


Nicole: Um, but we do have, we have the deadliest spider, we have the funnelweb.

David: That's right.

Nicole: I'm very proud of that spider. (laughing) Twenty minutes and you're gone if you get bitten.

David: And are those everywhere? Do you have to be very cautious?

Nicole: You actually do. Like when I was a kid, we would go swimming in the swimming pool and they can live in a bubble, they live in an air bubble and they live on the bottom of the pool and um, if you, you know, put your foot down in the wrong place, you can get bitten.

David: Now, that seems unfair that they hide in an air bubble.


David: You know what I mean?

Nicole: Well life's unfair Dave.


David: And have you ever eaten kangaroo?

Nicole: Oh no.

David: But people...

Nicole: But they do serve it, but I wouldn't eat it, no.

David: You know the real problem with kangaroo?

Nicole: What?

David: It keeps hopping off your plate.

(Nicole laughs and claps sarcastically)

David: So, if you, er, you were going to make a movie in Australia?

Nicole: I was.

David: And what was that project going to be?

Nicole: Um, with Russel Crowe. (laughs) I knew this was going to...and um, we ended up not making the film.

David: And what was the film?

Nicole: Called Eucalyptus, which is after the eucalyptus trees, which the koalas eat. It's all linked.

David: And you and Russell Crowe are old friends? Is that right?

Nicole: Yeah, we've known, I've known him since I was seventeen.

David: And you know, he had a little trouble here last week?

Nicole: Oh Dave.


David: But, I mean, when a friend is in trouble like that...

Nicole: Yes.

David: What do you do? Cos you wanna help somebody and I think he needs a little help, but he was on the show and said yes, he needed help. Russel Crowe...

Nicole: He did?

David: Yes he did.

Nicole: Is that true?

David: Yes. It is true. He said that sometimes he just has trouble controlling his anger.

Nicole: Right. Hmm. (laughs) I think I will not go into that one.

David: Really?

Nicole: Um, you know, I think with Russell, you know obviously I heard what happened and I'm a friend of his, one of his best friends I would say, you know, you're there for your best friends, yeah?

David: Did you take this as a...I took it as a cry for help.

Nicole: Oh, Dave, leave me out of it. I can be pulled into so many things, I just wanna be left out of it.

David: I saw the movie, Bewitched and boy, I thought that was very entertaining.

Nicole: Oh thank you.

David: I was very happy to see that. So we'll talk about that and some things when we come back. We'll be right back folks with the lovely Nicole Kidman.

David: You know a couple of weeks ago, Tom Cruise...

Nicole: Yes.

David: Was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, hopping up and down on the furniture. Did you happen to hear about any of that or see any of that?

Nicole: Dave.

David: He was talking about, er, he was talking about, who was he talking about?

Nicole: You are brutal.

David: Katie Holmes.

Nicole: Yes.

David: Did you see any of it? Hopping up and down?

Nicole: (laughs) Was it hopping?

David: It seemed like it was hopping, yeah.

Nicole: Um, listen. Honestly, if Tom's in love, then I'm so happy for him and that's a very good thing. You now, so...

David: Are you, er, are you able to date now?

Nicole: (laughs) You always go on...

David: Because I think a lot of people would be scared to invite you to go out.

Nicole: You said that before.

David: I think it's still probably true.

Nicole: Yeah, probably I don't go out much.

David: But you're dating all the time now?

Nicole: Well they say I am. I'm actually supposedly pregnantto someone, I'm engaged to someone else.

David: Ooh, when do they find out?

Nicole: Yeah (laughs) I'm a busy girl. I think I'm also like having an affair with someone. So, wooh, that's two kids and a job.

David: And when stuff like that happens, your family knows better right?

Nicole: My family just doesn't get, yeah, my dad is a biochemist and a psychologist (laughs) um, my mum...

David: Now what's that laughing about psychologist? What's that about?

Nicole: I dunno. It just sounds funny that combination, right?

David: It's a good combination.

Nicole: It is actually, so, um, they're pretty pragmatic and down to earth and no, they don't buy into any of it anymore. My grandmother's the only one that buys into it.

David: Oh really? She believes the stuff?

Nicole: Yeah. Of course. She's ninety, she sits there and reads all the magazines. (laughs)

David: And does she call you and ask you?

Nicole: Yeah. And I would go, "Grandmother!" Um, yeah, but she's also protective, very very protective family. My sister is just preganant with her fourth child, so, that's a big deal.

(audience claps)

Nicole: Oh, that's sweet. Thank you.

David: So, can I ask you this? It's none of my business of course, but...

Nicole: Uh-oh! What now? You've asked everything else. Go for it!

David: No, um, you can use that kangaroo joke.

Nicole: It didn't work!

David: What do you mean, it didn't work? Why don't you try it in Australia? But er, the last time you did go out, say you just went out for an evening. What was that like? When you go out? You know, what is it?

Nicole: Go out?

David: Like, you say, I'm going out, I'm gonna have a beer.

Nicole: I actually like martinis.

David: OK. I'm gonna go out and have a martini. So, did you go out? Where did you go out? And how was that?


David: You have to go out with thugs, right? Security thugs?

Nicole: No! No, no, no. I have, um, big friends.

David: Big friends. Right.


David: And do people see you?

Nicole: People don't really bother me.

David: Do they approach you? Do guys come over?

Nicole: No, not really. I was actually saying this to a girlfriend of mine who's absolutely gorgeous and she would like have, you know, eight guys hit on her and no one would hit on me. I was a little hurt.

David: You see, this is what I was talking about. People think, "oh my God!"

Nicole: I don't, no, they're not, trust me.

David: What do you mean trust me? Of course they are.

Nicole: Well, whatever. Come on!


Nicole: It's humiliating. You can't sit me here and...

David: Alright, now let's talk about this movie.

Nicole: Yes. Let's talk about, animals in Australia.


Nicole: The reptiles.

David: Yeah, ooh, what about the dingo?


Nicole: Yes, the dingo. Dingos, plural.

David: Now, this is a very high profile movie. You of course and then there's Will Ferrell, who's tremendously gifted and the movie is the remake of Bewitched, at one time a very popular TV show. And it's been talked about as a film for a time of twelve years and they had a bunch of people, on and on and on and they think, well, can it be anything and it turns out great.

Nicole: Oh, that's nice. Thank you.

David: And were you pleased about how it turned out?

Nicole: Um, yeah, it was really great to be able to do something where I got to have fun and um, and sort of play with Will. I mean that's what it is, we were like playing. (laughs)

Davud: She means that in the best possible sense of the word.

Nicole: Yeah.

David: The movie is about the making of a new TV version...

Nicole: I should never do these shows.

David: What's the matter?

Nicole: I just, I should never do them. I should learn.

David: You're fine.

Nicole: That I'm back here...

David: No. You don't wanna insult me, do you?

Nicole: Oh no. I'm not insulting you.

David: No, I didn't think so.

Nicole: No, I just mean that I always get myself into hot water.

David: You're fine.

Nicole: OK.

David: Now, remember the last time, what was it, oh no...

Nicole: Uh-oh! What now?

David: Something about you being taller than your ex-husband.

Nicole: Let's move on.


Nicole: Paul! Would you like to ask any questions? I'm not speaking to him anymore.

Paul: You're still wearing heels though?

Nicole: Yeah. I've got diamantes on my heels.

David: Beautiful. Very nice.

Nicole: Thank you.

David: You're a lovely...

Nicole: They took a close up of my feet! (laughs)

David: You're a, you're a lovely, lovely woman. Very nice.


Nicole: Oh, I'm blushing.

David: Let's take a look at a clip from the film.

Nicole: Yes. OK. Right. We're going to see a clip from Bewitched.

David: This is going to be an enormous film because everyone who knew the TV show is curious to see the movie, everybody wants to see you.

Nicole: Oh, I don't know about that, but did you ever see the TV show?

David: Yeah, yeah.

Nicole: Did you like it?

David: Yes.

Nicole: Yeah, I loved it. Every day I used to watch it. Every night.

David: Elizabeth Montgomery, wasn't she beautiful?

Nicole: Yeah, she was...

David: But do you have to do that thing with your nose?

Nicole: I do.

David: Could we see a little of that?

Nicole: (laughs) Well I...

David: It's hard to do.

(Nicole wiggles her nose)

David: So, anyway, do you know what it's supposed to be here? This clip?

Nicole: No idea.

David: OK. Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Bewitched. Take a look.

(Bewitched clip is played)

David: You're an actual witch, who gets to play the part in a TV show?

Nicole: Yeah.

David: But he doesn't know though?

Nicole: No. He doesn't know I'm a real witch.

David: Well, it's great to see you again.

Nicole: Thank you for having me.

David: Thank you for being here and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. (they shake hands) Always a pleasure. Nicole Kidman.

Thanks very much to John for typing this out for Nicole's Magic!

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