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The Secrets of Birth, Extra TV, October 26th 2004

Nicole Kidman returns to the big screen in the new movie "Birth," about a young widow who may have met the reincarnation of her dead husband. "I just think that the idea of a film that starts with a 10-year-old boy saying 'I'm your dead husband and I've come back for you' -- that to me is interesting," Nicole told us.

But many are finding the movie much more than interesting. In fact, it's raising a heated controversy for an intimate scene between Nicole and her 10-year-old co-star Cameron Bright. "I don't think it's controversial because it's not sexual," she says. "It's about this woman who believes this is a man, not a boy… I think that it's not exploitive and that it's very, very beautiful, even though it's disturbing."

So how did her young co-star handle the kissing scene? "Cameron showed up, did his job, and was treated as a child doing a job," Nicole says. "He never read the script, and if you dissect it, you can see how you can easily protect him during the making of it, by the way it's shot."

And when the cameras weren't rolling, Nicole was very protective of her co-star, and even had him hang out with her own children, Connor and Isabella. "My son Connor is very similar to Cameron," revealed Nicole. "They used to hang out. I took them to Cirque du Soleil."

And while Nicole's kids frequently accompany her to the set, the movie star mom let "Extra" in on a family secret that she shared only with us: "On every film, I write a letter to each of them so that they know why, or what they helped me with, in terms of a role. There are a lot of downsides to having a mother as an actress. But at the same time, you can watch your mother after she's long gone in films and see her, and so, if you have the letters that attach to each role, that's kind of interesting. So they both have a box of things waiting for them when they're 18."

And get ready for this special delivery when "Birth" arrives in theaters Friday.

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