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Nicole Gives 'Birth' to Controversy, etonline, October 26th 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN is celebrating her 'Birth' day this week as she talks to our STEVEN COJOCARU about her racy new feature!

"Everyone says it's so controversial and I didn't see it as that," Nicole tells Cojo. "I saw it as a film about love and I saw the motivations as very, very pure. It's not about sex, it's about love. Even though the two can be very, very connected, in this film it's not -- this is very much about falling in love with somebody's essence, somebody's soul." In 'Birth,' opening in theaters this weekend, Nicole plays a woman who tries to move on with her life after losing her husband. A decade later on the verge of her wedding to a new man, she meets a 10-year-old boy (hot newcomer CAMERON BRIGHT) who insists he is her dead hubby reincarnated.

'Birth' has made headlines as Nicole has a controversial, nude, bathing scene with the young Cameron and she also has a kissing scene with the young actor.

"That's the problem with this world," says Nicole. "People have preconceived ideas about so many things before they understand them or before they've encountered them, and this is certainly one of those."

"I see it as very pure and innocent; it's not about taking advantage of some [little boy]," explains the 37-year-old actress. "She believes this is a man. This is her husband. She doesn't even see a 10-year-old boy. It's not sexual, it's about, 'Oh my gosh, if this is you, that means I have to wait for 20 years for you to become a man.'" As for the single Nicole's take on the concept of love in her own life, she recalls, "It's interesting, I was having a discussion with somebody about love the other day, a much older woman, and she said, 'Oh no, it's the most awful thing to be in love, because you're completely out of control.' And I said, 'But I kind of like that!'"

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