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Nicole's Red Carpet Night, ET Online, April 20th 2005

Saucy Aussie NICOLE KIDMAN took on the Big Apple Tuesday night as she rolled down the star-studded red carpet for the New York premiere of the highly anticipated thriller 'The Interpreter.' The A-lister revealed the truth about certain rumors being interpreted about her!

"Oh, I'm not engaged!" Nicole tells our VANESSA MINNILLO, responding to the stories that she's marrying producer STEVE BING. "I'd like to say that straight from the horse's mouth -- but then that would make me a horse!"

The movie kicked off the fourth annual Tribeca Film Festival, the 12-day event co-founded by ROBERT DE NIRO, which will screen more than 250 films.

Nicole, who looked chic in a "trench coat and not much else," says that she's thrilled with her juicy role. "You're lucky to have a good character," she says. "I think the character they gave me was this wonderfully layered, smart woman and that always nice to play."

In the suspenseful flick, opening April 22 and directed by SYDNEY POLLACK, Nicole overhears some deadly news that has her running for dear life.

Any doubts that Nicole may have had about her own performance were quickly put to rest by her 12-year-old daughter. "I said to her, 'Am I any good in it?' And she was like, 'Yeah, Mom, you're okay,'" she said recently.

The Oscar®-winning actress plays a U.N. interpreter who happens to eavesdrop on a conversation that may include information about an assassination attempt on an African head of state. Before she knows it, she is also on the hit list.

"It was intimidating to play an interpreter because obviously you know that they exist, and you want to depict their profession correctly," Nicole explains.

So what's a girl to do in this scary scenario? Get protected by federal agent SEAN PENN, naturally, which would be simple, except for the fact that he has doubts of his own about Nicole, who has a "dark" past filled with her own secrets.

"There's an ease with Sean," Nicole says about her co-star. "He's always had very strong instincts. He has an enormous amount of confidence in what he does. So with that comes a great actor because all of those things need to go together."

Most of the thriller takes place in the United Nations in New York, and for the first time in 52 years -- and after Pollack pulled some strings -- unprecedented access was permitted.

Nicole agrees about the magnitude of the assembly. "When you're in there you think, 'My gosh, this is a building that has so much history and so much weight attached to it,'" the star says. "And even when we were shooting there after three months, there was still an enormous amount of security every time we wanted to enter or leave the building. You realize that this is a very, very important building in our world."

Directed and executive produced by Oscar winner Pollack ('The Firm'), 'The Interpreter' also stars CATHERINE KEENER and was shot on location at the U.N. in New York, South Africa and London.

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