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In the Future: Nicole Kidman & the Birth Cast,, October 27th 2004

In the thriller Birth, Nicole Kidman plays a woman whose dead husband seemingly has returned in the form of a ten-year old boy, played by Godsend's Cameron Bright. It's the second movie from Jonathan Glazer, the director of Sexy Beast, and it's already generated a lot of controversy due to the age difference between Kidman and Bright's characters.

The film is another in a long string of movies for Ms. Kidman, her third this year, and she remains one of the busiest actresses in the world, especially after her 2003 Oscar win, bouncing between big budget Hollywood films and smaller films. Although Kidman is apparently attached to dozens of movies she has never even heard of, she has a set schedule for the next few months. Having just wrapped The Interpreter, she is currently filming the movie version of Bewitched, and then in April, she will spend three weeks in Brooklyn shooting the movie version of the Mel Brooks' Broadway musical The Producers.

She is trying to be a bit more conscious about the roles she takes now that her kids are getting older, which she thinks might be why she chose to do The Interpreter. "I wanted to play a smart woman that speaks a number of languages and has this big political job at the UN. I thought that would be good for my daughter to see." It took her a bit longer to decide whether to do the big screen version of Bewitched, based on the popular television show, but she's glad she chose to do it. "I love working with Mr. Ferrell," she told us. "He's a dream and he genuinely makes me laugh." Besides those high profile movies, Nicole has appeared in a number of smaller movies in the last year like Lars Von Triers' Dogville. She told us why she has mixed things up so much. "It's important for me to make films that are smaller, that need you to say you're going to do it so they'll get made. It's really important for me to be able to support directors that are bold and unusual, and are shaking things up. At the same time, I need to have some fun some times. I don't actually think like I'm going to do a big film and then a small film. I don't think like that. It's more just what I feel like doing right now. Luckily, I'm in a position at this moment in my life where I can read things and make the movies that I'm interested in. But that does not last long, particularly as a woman. David Hare said to me 'You now have the power to go make anything you want. Please please stay true to your art,' and I hope I get to do that for a little while longer."

Kidman's young co-star Cameron Bright played a similar role in the thriller Godsend, and he is pretty set on making acting his chosen career, having done it since he was six years old. If appearing opposite Rebecca Romjin and Nicole Kidman weren't enough to make Bright the envy of every man in America, he stars with Milla Jovovich in the sci-fi action thriller Ultraviolet as a boy created in a lab who has antigens in his blood that can wipe out the human race. He also plays a severely abused boy in the upcoming Running Scared with Paul Walker, which deals with the Russian and Italian mobs in New Jersey. Oddly, both of those are also R-rated films with very adult themes, but he gets to do a bit more action in them. "They're both about guns and chopping people up," the young star told us with enthusiasm.

In Birth, Danny Huston plays Nicole's fiancé, who has to face the fact that she may be more interested in reconnecting with her late husband via this ten-year old than marrying him. The son of the late great filmmaker John Huston, he started out his film career as a director himself, but as he waited for his films to be financed, he acted in a couple of his friends' movies in hopes of seeing how other directors worked. His starring role in one of those movies, Bernard Rose's Ivan's XTC, got the interest of a few directors, including John Sayles, who cast him as the lead in his most recent movie Silver City.

Huston will next be playing a key role in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator, the Howard Hughes biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays Jack Fry, the president of TWA, as he told us. "I'm a dreamer with Howard Hughes, and our dream is to build the biggest plane ever-the "Spruce Goose." It's an enormous dream, just larger than it possibly can be. And the dream fails. The Goose flies maybe six feet maximum, but it's an attempted dream and it fails valiantly, I suppose. It's guys like Howard Hughes who were able to create situations where these attempts could be made." With anticipation high for the movie, Huston had nothing but praise for the film's star. "Leonardo is fantastic in it, because it goes over a certain period of time. At first, I saw this young Hughes, and I thought that wasn't how I imagined Hughes, and then as the story progressed, Leo just turns into him. It's unbelievable. And who better than Martin Scorsese and Leo to be making a film about this obsessive compulsive, wild man, who was able to create these epic dreams, but yet be so self-consumed? It doesn't go into the long nailed Hughes in Vegas though."

Huston has grown a beard and long hair, giving him a very different look for his next movie, which he's currently filming in Australia. The Proposition is the first movie written by singer Nick Cave and directed by Aussie video director John Hillcoat. "It's a Western set in turn of the century Australia. My character appears on page 60 or 70 after a lot of people have been speaking about me. He lives in a cave and he's a "dogman" of legend. My younger brother, played by Guy Pearce, comes to find me and kill me." It also stars Sexy Beast's Ray Winstone and Emily Watson.

Birth opens this Friday in larger cities.

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