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Margaret Talks To Nicole Kidman About Interpreter, ABC.net.au At The Movies, April 2005

NICOLE KIDMAN: I went to, um, the UN, I studied French, I studied Ku, which was the language that was attributed to Matobo, which was the country that we invented, the African country, so therefore we invented the language. That was quite difficult actually because there were other actors speaking it so we all had to speak the same sounds and sound the same. Um, so... and basically just sort of delved into, um, a lot of sort of African history and the make-up of Africa, which was fascinating. And that's one of the great things about being an actor. You are constantly educating yourself.

MARGARET: Pollack's and your career have intersected before this film, haven't they?

NICOLE: Yeah. Many times actually. We, um, we met, I met him socially when I was married to Tom and then was, sort of, the wife with the baby on the set during the making of 'The Firm'. And I'd always be, like, "Gosh, I don't want to get in the way." So I didn't really spend that much time with Sydney during that period. And then we did 'Eyes Wide Shut' and Sydney was in that as an actor, and then he produced me in the film 'Birthday Girl' and also in 'Cold Mountain'. So I finally said to him, "Sydney, you have to direct me because this is ridiculous. We've done everything else."

MARGARET: Well, he's not a prolific director either. You know, he doesn't make a film a year or anything like that.

NICOLE: I hope he starts to make a few more because he's in his 70s now, which he doesn't like to broadcast but I will! If you look at Eastwood and Pollack and a lot of these American directors now are reaching their, doing some of their best work at this age which I think is quite hopeful and exciting, isn't it? Rather than losing it by the time they hit 70, they're actually coming into a more creative sort of blossoming, I suppose.

MARGARET: Well, yeah, because last time I spoke to you, you thought, "Oh, I'm gonna hit 40 and OK, it's all over for me."

NICOLE: Well, I have a different thing because I think for me it's more, I've worked since I was 14 years old so, you know, there's other things in life now that interest me and I really love to act, and I would love to write something at some stage. But I suppose I'm seeking a gentler life.

MARGARET: 'Birth' is getting a release here in a couple of weeks as well.

NICOLE: Right, yeah, strange how it's coming out so late. Isn't it weird?

MARGARET: It is, but it's also strange that both films have a sort of undercurrent of grief for your character. Do you know what I mean?

NICOLE: Um, yeah. Yes, probably. I mean, I think, um, you know, there's probably elements of me in both of those characters so both of them have that. They were written for me so for whatever reason that seems to be the recurring theme at the moment in a lot of the characters that I play. Which, I don't know if it's grief or if it's damage or if it's just a carrying around something heavier than just a lightness of being. Um, even though, you know, I'm still... I see myself as being capable of having enormous joy in my life as well, I think, you know, as you get older you start to all of the experiences that make you up, are there layered and I'm not someone that just walks away from them or moves away from them that easily. And they resonate within you.

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