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Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall: 'Birth'; At The Movies, 16th September 2004

Margaret Pomeranz talks to Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall about their upcoming controversial film 'Birth'.

Margaret: 'Birth' is the latest film from Jonathan Glazer, the guy who made 'Sexy Beast', and it also stars John Huston's son, Danny, and that legend of the cinema, Lauren Bacall.

LAUREN BACALL: I feel really lucky, because, you know, they're not writing any parts for a woman, not for women. Really, even young women. They're not writing parts. The writers have abdicated. I don't know what the hell they've done.

But it was great for me to work with Nicole again, playing a decent part, which in 'Dogville', of course, I really didn't have. But we became friends on 'Dogville' and we work very well together. And it was, it's terrific because she's very professional, so am I, and it's, work is work and fooling around is fooling around, you know? It's not the same. With me, I fool around a little bit - a little more than she does - but that's, I'm entitled.

NICOLE KIDMAN: You make films because they have a life far beyond when they're released. I mean, I do. You know, I think if you wanted to make films that just exist for when they're released, then you go and make huge studio films and you know that it's going to open big and, you know, it's going to sort of - tcch! - come and go. But I have a different philosophy. And, you know, occasionally you do that because you want to do it because it's fun, for no other reason. And then you make the films that are important, that are a part of you, that it doesn't matter where they exist as long as they exist.

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