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Magazine/Newspaper Interviews
Nicole Kidman, The Advocate, November 2006
'You won't see me for a long time', The Telegraph, July 29th 2005
'Why would a man want to be with me?', The Mail on Sunday, July 24th 2005
Miss interpretation, The Sunday Times Culture, April 10th 2005
Nicole Kidman: "10 truths About Me", Marie Claire, February 2004
Nicole Kidman: Bouncing Back and Moving On, Good Housekeeping, January 2004
It's a new career peak for Nicole, The Evening Press, 16th December 2003
"When I Love, I Love So Much It's Dangerous", Marie Claire UK, December 2003
Nicole, W, December 2003
Resplendent in the grass, Interview, October 2003
Nicole, Another, Spring 2003
Who's Afraid of Nicole Kidman?, Elle, January 2003
Nicole's Next Move, Redbook, January/February 2003
Nicole's New Light, Vanity Fair, December 2002
Nicole After Hours, Premiere, November 2002
The Real Nicole, GQ, 2002
Interview, February 2002
Dramatic Leaning, Harpers Bazaar, September 2001
Forget everything you've heard, here's the real woman, Interview, May 2001
The Woman I Am Today, Marie Claire, May 2001
Madame Moulin, Time, May 14th 2001
Esquire Interview, August 1999
Lust and Trust, Rolling Stone, July 1999
Portrait Of An Actress, Vanity Fair, October 1997
Seeing Red, Entertainment Weekly, June 1995

Magazine Articles
Nicole at Forty, The Sunday Times Culture, September 17th 2006
Top 50 Greatest Movie Stars, Premiere, April 2005
On Mastering Personal Style, Harpers Bazaar, October 2004
50 Most Powerful, Premiere, June 2004
Naughty Nicole, The New York Observer, 2002
Trapped in Dogville, The New York Observer, 2003
100 Most Influential People, Time, April 26th 2004
Greatest Actress Of Our Generation, Empire Magazine, June 2004

Online Interviews
Nicole Kidman finds a new passion for her craft, November 7th 2007 (*)
Nicole talks about her post-Tom Cruise life, November 4th 2007 (*)
Practical magic, November 5th 2006
A 'bewitching' movie star, July 24th 2005
What Nicole nose now..., July 3rd 2005
Witchy Women: Nicole Kidman, June 2005
It's Kidman's bewitching hour, June 24th 2005
A pinch of luck helps Kidman brew a hit, June 24th 2005
Nicole Kidman works her own magic as a mother, June 24th 2005
Nicole Kidman had right nose for adaptation of 'Bewitched', June 24th 2005
Star power created 'Bewitched', June 24th 2005
Kidman casts spell over 'Bewitched', June 23rd 2005
Winner by a nose, June 23rd 2005
Interview: Nicole Kidman, June 21st 2005
It's all in the nose, June 21st 2005
Nicole Kidman follows her nose to 'Bewitched', June 20th 2005
Nicole's twitch of fate, June 19th 2005
'Bewitched,' bothered and bewildered, June 19th 2005
What Nicole Kidman wants, Nicole Kidman gets ... or something like that, June 19th 2005
Witchy woman: Nicole Kidman works her magic in big-screen `Bewitched', June 19th 2005
A witch with a new twitch, June 18th 2005
'Bewitched' Nicole Kidman Nose What To Do With Witchcraft, June 17th 2005
Q & A with Nicole Kidman, June 9th 2005
Interview : Nicole Kidman, June 9th 2005
Interview: Nicole Kidman for Bewitched, June 8th 2005
Kidman not so coy, June 6th 2005
Nicole Casts a Spell!, June 6th 2005
Nicole Kidman's Family Vow, June 6th 2005
Nicole's Crush!, May 30th 2005
Desperately Seeking Nicole Kidman, May 30th 2005
Nicole Gets 'Bewitched'!, May 30th 2005
Nicole, Sean, Sydney and Kofi?, April 24th 2005
Nicole: I've no dark secrets, April 22nd 2005
NK, Bacall and Danny Huston: 'Birth', April 20th 2005
Nicole's Red Carpet Night, April 20th 2005
Nicole Kidman on Clothes, Loneliness, and Being "The Interpreter", April 20th 2005
Nicole Kidman is Catholic-and proud of it, April 17th 2005
Does Nicole Want Another Baby on Board?, April 11th 2005
Swinging With Bing, April 8th 2005
More than just a pretty face, April 6th 2005
Some clouds in Nicole's summer, April 5th 2005
For Nic, exciting life's a matter of interpretation, April 5th 2005
Ditched film gives Kidman time to smell the roses, April 5th 2005
Interview with Nicole Kidman, April 2005
Margaret talks to Nicole Kidman about 'The Interpreter', April 2005
Nic's off-screen dramas, March 27th 2005
Brace Yourself for... Birth, February 2005 2005
Kidman opts for the unexpected, December 2nd 2004
Nicole Kidman: Born to be a blank canvas, November 5th 2004
Nicole Kidman on "Birth", November 3rd 2004
Q&A: Nicole Kidman - Dave Calhoun asks Kidman..., November 1st 2004
After drifting, Nicole Kidman has..., November 2004
'I have been through a lot..', October 31st 2004
From ‘Bathgate’ to the bathtub, October 29th 2004
Birth Control - NK and JG Interview, October 29th 2004
Kidman's personal wounds give `Birth'..., October 28th 2004
Nicole Gives 'Birth' to Controversy, October 26th 2004
About A Boy, October 24th 2004
Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall: 'Birth', October 2004
'The world's number one? No way', October 2nd 2004
Nicole Kidman: A 'Stepford' Wife, 10th June 2004
'Stepford' actresses sound off, 10th June 2004
'Stepford Wives' ladies mock their robo-characters, 9th June 2004
Eyes wide open: She's not a housewife, but ..., 8th June 2004
Nicole Kidman on "The Stepford Wives", 6th June 2004
Kidman too busy for romance, 4th June 2004
Nicole Kidman: I'm Sooo Not Perfect, June 2004
The Many Wives Of Nicole Kidman, June 2004
Unsung Heroes: Cold Mountain, February 18th 2004
Family Matters, January 2004
Interview with Nicole Kidman, December 2003
More Honours for Nicole?, December 30th 2003
'The Human Stain' Controversies October 28th 2003
Nicole Conquers 'Cold Mountain, October 9th 2003
Raising kids Kidman's way , September 11th 2003
Interview : Nicole Kidman, September 10th 2003
Nicole Grants Candid Interview Before 'Human Stain' Premiere, September 6th 2003
Kidman kicks ghosts of the past, September 2003
Nicole's hour, March 6th 2003
E! Online Q & A , January 7th 2003
'I was willing to give it to Lars', unknown 2003
Interview with Nicole Kidman , unknown 2003
Interview with Nicole Kidman promoting The Hours, unknown 2002
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, unknown 2002
How Will the Woolf Survive?, December 2002
Nicole Kidman: Mouth Wide Open, November 5th 2002
‘Not What It Should Have Been’, 6th August 2001
Nicole Kidman Can-Cans On, May 13th 2001
E! Online Entertaineer Of The Year, 2001
FilmForce, 2001
Talk Wide Open, 2000
Visimag Mini-Interview, unknown 1999
Nicole Kidman enjoying success at box office, on stage, October 20th 1998
E-Online Q & A with Nicole , unknown 1997
Nicole Kidman plays a role To Die For, September 27th 1995
Post-Oscar Winning Kidman Takes New Risks, Film Monthly
Oh la! la! Nicole!, IOFilm

Online Articles
She was a personality exploding, October 24th 2006
When Nicole Kidman did the “Bop”, (off-site link)
What about Tom's ex-wife Nicole?, June 18th 2005
Oprah Appearance Preview Article/Interview, June 3rd 2005
I Don't Care If You Are Nicole Kidman, Lets See Some ID, April 12th 2005
Kidman's role play, April 8th 2005
Bewitching, November 30th 2004
Making 'Chanel No. 5 the Film', November 18th 2004
Kidman should win another Oscar: co-star, November 16th 2004
Labour of Love, November 2004
BBC World Film Focus: Birth, November 2004
Critics love Nicole's Birth, October 29th 2004
Making $cents: Kidman helps stir..., October 27th 2004
In the Future: Nicole Kidman & the Birth Cast, October 27th 2004
The stars are bathed in warmth at 'Birth', October 27th 2004
The Secrets of Birth, October 26th 2004
Nicole Kidman Talks About New Film, October 26th 2004
Bath Wrath, October 19th 2004
A star is reborn, October 17th 2004
Kidman stirs up controversy with "Birth", September 2004
Nicole in Chains, foxnews, March 23rd 2004
Nicole Kidman fashions fight against women’s cancers
Nicole: 'No Marriage' to Kravitz, foxnews, December 10th 2003
Nicole vs. Cate, foxnews, September 8th 2003
A mother's love has no limits, Nicole, March 30th 2003
Oscar's big night gives the world a maternal moment, March 29th 2003
Nicole destined for greatness , March 28th 2003
Nicole: 'I Felt Guilty About Being Here', foxnews, March 25th 2003
Nicole vs. Renée: Down to the Wire, foxnews, March 13th 2003
Nicole Using A Q-Tip? Not What We Ear, foxnews, January 28th 2003
Nicole Kidman, Winner By a Nose?, foxnews, December 13th 2002
Showest Honours Nicole Kidman, February 2002
Nicole Kidman Plans to Move to London, January 25th 2002
Kidman's blue deal, January 18th 1998
Kidman's rollercoaster year , January 18th 2002
The life and times of Tom and Nicole , February 6th 2001
Why Nicole Kidman is on the new A-List , unknown 2001
Kidman No Longer On Cruise Control , unknown 2001

The Late Show With David Letterman, June 13th 2005
Larry King Live, January 24th 2004
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, December 5th 2003
Australian Story, 4th March 2002
Oprah, May 2001
SNL, 1993

Oscars 2003 - Actress, The Hours
Golden Globes 2003 - Actress, The Hours
Golden Globes 2003 - Actress, Moulin Rouge
MTV Movie Awards 2002 - Best Female Performance
MTV Movie Awards 2002 - Best Musical Sequence