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To Die For (1995)
All she wanted was a little attention
She'll do anything to get what she wants ...ANYTHING

Nicole plays Suzanne Stone Maretto

To Die For tells the story of ambitious small-town woman Suzanne Stone. Suzanne isn't content with just being a wife to her adring husband Larry, she wants to be on TV - more than anything. After giving a talk at a local school, Suzanne befriends three teenagers and seduces them, making them idolise her, and do anything for her. Suzanne sets about trying to get her 'big break' into television, and convinces the local TV Station to give her a job as a weather reporter. However, when Larry asks her to slow down her career, she persuades Jimmy and Russell to kill him. Thinking she can't be linked to the murder, Suzanne laps up the attention surrounding Larry's death. But there's a surprise in store for the ever-ambitious Suzanne...

Released: Premiered at Cannes in May 1995; 27 September 1995 in the US; 27 October 1995 in the UK, December 1995 in Europe; screened at the Toronto Film Festival on 8 September 1995
Directed by: Gus van Sant
Co-stars: Matt Dillon (Larry Maretto), Joaquin Phoenix (Jimmy Emmett), Casey Affleck (Russel Hines), Illeana Douglas (Janice Maretto)
Genre: Thriller,Drama, Black Comedy

Filming: Ontario, Canada; Florida, USA
Budget: $20,000,000
Nicole's salary: $2,500,000
Box Office: $21,200,000 (USA)
Runtime: 106mins / 1h 46mins

[1] The film is based on the real-life Pamela Smart story, who seduced her 15-year old lover into murdering her husband.
[2] Nicole spoke with an American accent throughout the entire shooting of this film. [3] Continuity Error - Printed photos of Suzanne and Jimmy, shown later in the movie, don't match their poses in the photo booth.
[4] The documentary footage seen in the film was filmed by Nicole herself

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Worth watching for...
... Nicole's performance, which is spot-on.

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