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The Others (2001)
Sooner Or Later They Will Find You.
Close Every Door, Turn Off Every Light, And Look For The Others.

Nicole plays Grace Stewart

The Others tells the story of Grace and her two children, Anne and Nicholas, licing in Jersey during the Second World War. Anne and Nicholas are allergic to light so their whole house must be kept in complete darkness at all time. Three strangers turn up offering themselves as servants, Grace reluctantly accepts their house, and they soon learn of Grace's strict, religious rules for her children. However, Grace soon begins to suspect there are other people in the house and she becomes determined to re-claim her house...

Released: US- 10th August 2001; UK- 2nd November 2001; Australia- 8th November 2001; Spain- 7th September 2001
Directed by: Alejandro Amenábar
Co-stars: Fionnula Flanagan (Mrs. Bertha Mills), Christopher Eccleston (Charles Stewart), Alakina Mann (Anne Stewart), James Bentley (Nicholas Stewart), Eric Sykes (Mr. Edmund Tuttle), Elaine Cassidy (Lydia)
Genre: Drama/Thriller/Horror

Filming: Filmed in Madrid and Cantabria, Spain from 30th September to 5th December 2000.
Budget: $17,000,000
Nicole's salary: $7,000,000
Box Office: UK- £11,655,181; US- $96,471,845 ; Spain- €27,236,382; Worldwide- $209,800,000. Opening weekends- $14,089,952 in the US on 1,678 screens, £2,259,538 in the UK on 385 screens, and €3,649,947 in Spain on 305 screens
Runtime: 101mins / 1hr 41mins

[1] Continuity error - During a conversation by the fire with the Mrs. Mills, Grace's wristwatch appears, disappears and appears again
[2] Continuity error - When Grace asks Anne about the "ghosts" who are running in the house, she puts her hands on Anne's head but in the next shot Grace's hands are on Anne's neck
[3] Continuity error - While walking in the fog, Grace's hands are very red from the cold when she puts them on her husband's neck. In the next shot they are much whiter, then back to red again
[4] The movie opens with Nicole, in voiceover, reading a story. She begins with the words, "...are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin." These were the opening words from the BBC radio programme "Listen With Mother", broadcast in the UK between 1950 and 1982.
[5] Nicole was nominated for 11 awards for this film, including a BAFTA, Golden Globe, London Critics Circle Award and a Goya.
[6] The Others was originally titled The Darkness

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Worth watching for...
... so many reasons. The 2nd of Nicole's 2 'breakout' performance in 2001, she really excels as Grace and brings her emotions to life. The film is Nicole's first 'horror/thriller' role, and she chose a good one - original and truely scary.

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