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The Invasion (2007)

Do not trust anyone. Do not show emotion. Do not fall asleep.
Don't Sleep. Don't Go Home. I'll Find You. - Mom

Nicole plays Carol Bennell

The Visiting tells the story of Carol, a Washington D.C. psychiatrist, and her young son, Oliver. After a national tragedy has occured, a strange substance is found clinging to the wreckage, and a mysterious "bug" then spreads across the globe. Carol begins to notice changes in people around her - one of her patients claims her husband is not himself, and she witnesses violent outbursts on the street. As the epidemic worsens, Carol discovers that humans become infected in their sleep, and the result is they are drained of all emotion. Her doctor friend Ben tells her that there is actually something inside them, "something completely foreign," that is altering human DNA. When Carol's son disappears, she must remain calm, not show any emotion, and stay awake so she can find him. It soon becomes clear that Oliver, immune to the virus for some reason, may hold the key to the mystery...

Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Written by: Dave Kajganich
Co-stars: Daniel Craig (Ben Driscoll), Jeremy Northam (Tucker Kaufman), Jackson Bond (Oliver)
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action, Drama
Filming: Filming started on the 26th September and ended 18th December 2006. RE-shoots took place in January 2007. Filmed in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington and California
Budget: $50m
Box Office: -
Runtime: 93mins / 1hr 33mins

US - 17th August 2007
Australia - 6th September 2007
Argentina - 20th September 2007
UK - 12th October 2007
France - 17th October 2007
Germany - 1st November 2007
Russia - 8th November 2007
Japan - 22nd December 2007

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• "What I was drawn to were the elements of the script that dealt with the mother-son relationship and the sort of thrill ride quality."
• "I was in shock for at least a few hours after it happened, I think that's a natural physical reaction to any sort of trauma, you go into a kind of suspended state. My ribs were still healing when I went back to work, but I seem to have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I was able to finish." [on the accident]
• ""
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• "...Kidman, rarely off screen and as compelling as ever..."
• "Kidman brings to her role her reliable acting skills to playing a mom dominated by primal need to protect her child. However, except for Carol, the rest of the characters are shallow and underdeveloped and don't fully use the skills of the gifted actors who play them."
• " The Invasion gets you rooting for the aliens to be defeated, but the film's soul feels as if it had already been snatched."
• "In a fierce performance, Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman plays Carol Bennell, a psychiatrist who doesn’t realize that something is rotten in Washington DC (other than the Bush Administration). If “The Invasion” feels a bit uneven, it should -- it was directed by two different people at various times over the course of two years. "
• "Kidman, whose sleekness melds into the movie's own, proves herself an effective action heroine, even when her decorous veneer is waylaid by her character's desperate gulps of Mountain Dew in an effort to keep the adrenaline stoked."


[1] Nicole is reportedly earning $16 million for this film
[2] Project was initially called 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', then they changed it to 'Invasion' before deciding on 'The Visiting'
[3] Set contact address: Invasion, 1301 S. Baylis Suite #425, Baltimore, MD 21224.
[5] Nicole was involved in an accident whilst filming a car scene - read about it here.
[6] Nicole insisted the shot of her unconscious after the accident was left in the film.
[7] The film underwent re-shoots in January 2007 - the studio didn't liked the cut director Oliver Hirschbiegel delivered so they brought in Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski for rewrites and James McTeigue to direct new scenes.


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