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The Portrait Of A Lady (1996)

Nicole plays Isabel Archer

The Portrait Of A Lady tells the story of free-thinking rich young American Isabel, who travels to Europe to find herself. While there she meets a number of people, namely Madame Merle, who then leads her to meet art collector Gilbert Osmond. Isabel and Gilbert marry, but Isabel then discovers that Madame Merle and Gilbert are lovers who hatched a plan to take Isabel's fortune. Finally escaping Gilbert, Isabel goes to her sick cousin Ralph's bedside, to seek solace.

Released: 24th December 1996 in the USA; February 6th 1997 in Australia; February 28th 1997 in the UK
Directed by: Jane Campion
Co-stars: John Malkovich (Gilbert Osmond), Barbara Hershey (Madame Serena Merle), Mary-Louise Parker (Henrietta Stackpole), Martin Donovan (Ralph Touchett), Shelley Winters (Mrs. Touchett), Richard E. Grant (Lord Warburton), Shelley Duvall (Countess Gemini), Christian Bale (Edward Rosier), Viggo Mortensen (Caspar Goodwood)
Genre: Drama

Filming: England, UK; Tuscany, Italy; Rome, Italy; California, USA; Sydney, Australia; Turkey
Budget: -
Nicole's salary: $2,500,000
Box Office: $3,692,836 in the USA, 575,908 in the UK. Grossed $134,805 in the USA on it's opening weekend, showing on 7 screens
Runtime: 142mins / 2hr 22mins

[1] Nicole suffered from emotional exhaustion after filming.
[2] Based on the Henry James novel.

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Worth watching for...
... seeing Nicole in a role she was passionate about playing.

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