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Nighmaster (1987) (aka Watch The Shadows Dance)
Obsession is the deadliest weapon.

Nicole plays Amy Gabriel

Nightmaster tells the story of Robbie (Tom Jennings) and Amy (Nicole Kidman) who are ordinary students by day. By night, they are the top contenders in a highly competitive simulated war game designed to test athletic prowess and intellectual superiority. Robbie remains champion of the game, pushed to the limit of his endurance by his extreme and obsessive martial arts instructor. Soon the game doesn't seem so playful and it slides into the real thing.

Released: 1987
Directed by: Mark Joffe
Co-stars: Tom Jennings (Robby Mason), Joanne Samuel (Sonia Spane), Vince Martin (Steve Beck), Craig Pearce (Guy Duncan), Doug Parkinson (Pete 'Pearly' Gates)
Genre: Action, Martial Arts

Filming: -
Budget: -
Box Office: -
Runtime: 87mins / 1hr 27mins


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Worth watching for...
... one of Nicole's most 'bizarre' films

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