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MALICE (1993)
See it before someone tells you the secret!
Deception. Betrayal. Murder. Some things you never see coming.

Nicole plays Tracey Kennsinger

Malice tells the story of Tracey and Andy, a happily married couple. Tracey works on the childrens ward at the local hospital, and Andy is a college professor. One day Andy bumps into his old friend Jed Hill, and later offers him a place to stay at their new house. Tracey is upset when Andy tells surgeon Jed about her mysterious stomach pains. However, when she is rushed to hospital Jed operates on her, and their lives take a dramatic turn after the surgery. Certain characters are not what they seem...

Released: September 2003 in the US, March 1994 in the UK, May 2004 in Europe. Was released 4 years later (!) in Hungary, in September 1997.
Directed by: Harold Becker
Co-stars: Alec Baldwin (Dr Jed Hill), Bill Pullman (Andy Safian), Bebe Neuwirth (Det. Dana Harris), Anne Bancroft (Mrs Kennsinger)
Genre: Crime / Thriller

Filming: Massachusetts, USA; School Street, Boston, Massachusetts; Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts
Budget: unknown
Box Office: $46,044,636 in the US
Runtime: 107 mins / 1h 47m

[1] This film is a remake of the 1990 TV Series 'The Operation'

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Worth watching for...
... seeing Nicole play a bad girl!

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