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Far and Away (1992)
They needed a country that was big enough for both of their dreams.
He left behind everything he knew for the only thing he ever wanted.

Nicole plays Shannon Christie

Far and Away tells the story of Shannon and Joseph, who leave Ireland hopeing of a better life in America. They both get jobs and begin to save money, dreaming of owning their own land. However, when all their money is stolen after Joseph loses a boxing match, they are left cold and starved in the winter. Shannon's parents come to America to take her back, while Joseph goes to work on the rail roads. They meet up again at the big land race, and remember what they came to America for...

Released: May 22nd 1992 in the US; June 4th 1992 in Australia
Directed by: Ron Howard
Co-stars: Tom Cruise (Joseph Donnelly),
Genre: Historical, Drama, Romance

Filming: Filmed in Montana, Oklahoma and California, USA; County Kerry, Dublin, Wicklow and Galway, Ireland
Budget: $30,000,000
Nicole's salary: $250,000
Box Office: $58,883,840 in the US
Runtime: 140mins / 2hr 20mins

[1] Competed in the 1992 Cannes Film Festival
[2] Continuity Error #1 - When Shannon and Joseph first go to meet the ward boss, Shannon is splattered in the face with blood. She wipes some of it away, but later in the scene, the blood is back on her face.
[3] Continuity Error #2 - Shannon falls off her horse into the muddy water, submerged nearly to her neck, yet when we next see her on her horse her white shirt is dry and pristine.
[4] During shooting the scene where Shannon lifts the bowl covering Joseph's crotch, Ron Howard wasn't happy with Nicole facial reaction, so without telling her, he told Tom Cruise to remove his underwear so he would get the reaction he wanted.

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Worth watching for...
... Nicole stabbing Tom with a fork; her first 'epic' film.

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