"She is that rare thing: a wonderful actress, a wonderful soul possessed of that skinlessness that the camera is greedy for, which allows us to glimpse all of her frailties, her sorrows, her joys, her good heart. She manages all of those things with grace, style and an astonishing work ethic."
- Anthony Minghella on Nicole Kidman
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Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Cruise. Kidman. Kubrick.

Nicole plays Alice Harford

Eyes Wide Shut tells the story of married couple Bill and Alice Harford's relationship, after she tells him she had sexual fantasies about another man. He then involves himself in numerous sexual encounters that could threaten his marriage and life...

Released: US- 16th July 1999; UK- 10th September 1999; Australia- 5th August 1999
Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Co-stars: Tom Cruise (Dr. William 'Bill' Harford), Madison Eginton (Helena Harford), Jackie Sawiris (Roz), Sydney Pollack (Victor Ziegler), Leslie Lowe (Illona), Peter Benson (Bandleader), Todd Field (Nick Nightingale), Michael Doven (Ziegler's secretary), Sky Dumont (Sandor Szavost)
Genre: Thriller/Drama/Mystery

Filming: Buckinghamshire, London, and Hertfordshire, England. Filming took place from 4th November 1996 to 31st January 1998
Budget: $65,000,000
Nicole's salary: $6,500,000
Box Office: UK- 5,065,520; US- $55,637,680; Worldwide-$160,637,680; Non-USA- $37,600,000. Opening weekend UK- 1,189,672 (344 screens); US- $21,706,163 (2,411 screens)
Runtime: 159mins / 2hr 39mins

[1] In the DVD/Video version, when Nicole gives her monologue about yearning for the Naval Officer, she mouths the words "We made love." But the words "You and I made love," are heard. This was done to clear up the confusion about whom she actually made love to.
[2] Continuity error - When Alice is lying in bed telling Bill her dream, we first see the blanket is moved down exposing her hip, haunch, and thigh. Immediately afterwards, the blanket is covering her up to her waist.
[3] The tremendous hype around the release of this film resulted in several rumors about the plot. The most widely circulated was the mistaken rumor that in the film, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman played married psychiatrists having affairs with their patients.
[4] Opened at #1 at the US Box Office.
[5] Nicole won the Favorite Actress - Drama/Romance award at the 2000 Blockbuster Awards for her role as Alice.
[6] Continuity error - When they are smoking pot and have the arguement, when 'Tom' says "a couple of models" he's got his hand on Nicole's hip and the next moment it's down on the bed.

Trailers: Trailer 1
Clips: none available
Official site: eyeswideshut.com

Gallery: 'Eyes Wide Shut' at the Nicole's Magic Gallery
Quotes: at Nicole's Magic

Worth watching for...
... Nicole in a film by legendary director Stanley Kubrick, acting alongside (then-)husband Tom Cruise for a 3rd time.

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