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Dead Calm (1989)
A Voyage Into Fear
In the middle of nowhere there is nowhere to hide

Nicole plays Rae Ingram

Dead Calm tells the story of John and Rae Ingram, who take a sailing holiday in the Pacific Ocean to recover from the death of their child. After a few weeks at sea they come across an sinking ship, and it's lone survivor - Hughie Warriner. Hughie stays on the Ingram's boat with Rae while John goes to investigate the sinking ship, but when he gets there he releases it was a mistake to leave Rae with Hughie. Rae has to fight to keep control of her boat and get her husband back...

Released: 7th April 1989 in America
Directed by: Phillip Noyce
Co-stars: Sam Neill (John Ingram), Billy Zane (Hughie Warriner)
Genre: Horror/thriller

Filming: Hamilton Island and Whitsunday Passage in The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
Box Office: $7,825,009 in the USA
Runtime: 95mins / 1hr 35mins

1] Nicole spent four months shooting Dead Calm, and filming mainly took place in the Whitsunday Passage, between the Great Barrier Reef and the eastern coast of Australia.
2] Nicole was trained to sail a 80ft yacht for 6 weeks by an Italian skipper
3] She studied posture and and did voice training to make herself act and sound more believeable as an older woman.
4] Nic took her co-star Sam Neill out every Saturday night when they were on Hamilton Island. She said they played a lot of sixties music which she knew the dances to because of her role in Vietnam.
5] Nicole didn't bond with Billy Zane the way she did with Sam Neill because she didn't want that friendship to show on screen., in which their characters were in constant conflict.
[6] Continuity Error - at the end of the film, the suds from the shampoo in Rae's hair disappear.

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Worth watching for...
... Nicole's riveting performance as a woman much older than she was when she made the film, and seeing her going through the motions on the boat.

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