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Days Of Thunder (1990)
You can't stop the thunder

Nicole plays Dr. Claire Lewicki

Days of Thunder tells the story of Cole Trickle, a hot-shot young car driver. After he has an accident he meets neurosurgeon Claire Lewicki and the story follows his fight to race the big race, and his relationship with Claire.

Released: 27th June 1990 in the USA; 10th August 1990 in the UK; 13th September 1990 in Australia
Directed by: Tony Scott
Co-stars: Tom Cruise (Cole Trickle), Robert Duvall (Harry Hogge), Randy Quaid (Tim Daland), Cary Elwes (Russ Wheeler), Michael Rooker (Rowdy Burns), Fred Dalton Thompson (Big John), John C. Reilly (Buck Bretherton)
Genre: Romance/Action/Drama

Filming: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Daytona Beach, Florida, Utah, Arizona - USA
Budget: $60,000,000
Nicole's salary: $200,000
Box Office: $82,670,733 in the USA; $165,900,000 worldwide; $83,200,000 outside USA
Runtime: 107mins / 1hr 47mins

[1] Tom specifically asked for Nicole to be in this film.

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Gallery: 'Days Of Thunder' at the Nicole's Magic Gallery
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Worth watching for...
... Nicole's first appearance on screen with Tom Cruise?

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