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Cold Mountain (2003)
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Nicole plays Ada Monroe

Cold Mountain tells the story of Inman, a wounded soldier, gets up out of what his doctors thought was his death bed, and begins the long, hard walk to his home in his North Carolina on Cold Mountain. Waiting there for him is Ada, the sweetheart he left behind to go to war, trying to hold onto the farm of her deceased missionary father, with the help of scrappy drifter Ruby. Inman's long journey takes him through the crumbling confederacy, as he meets people of all walks of life who want to both aid and hinder his mission. Cold Mountain is set as the Civil War reaches its final days, and tells the story of Ada and Ruby's friendship, and Inman's journey home.

Released: US- 25th December 2003; UK- 26th December 2003 (limited), 2nd January 2004 (wide); Australia- 1st January 2004;
Directed by: Anthony Minghella
Co-stars: Jude Law (Inman), Renée Zellweger (Ruby Thewes), Eileen Atkins (Maddy), Brendan Gleeson (Stobrod Thewes), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Reverend Veasey), Natalie Portman (Sara), Giovanni Ribisi (Junior), Donald Sutherland (Reverend Monroe), Ray Winstone (Teague), Kathy Baker (Sally Swanger), James Gammon (Esco Swanger), Charlie Hunnam (Bosie), Jack White (Georgia)
Genre: Drama/War/Romance

Filming: 15th July 2002 - 22nd November 2002. Filmed on location in Virginia and South Carolina, USA; Romania.
Budget: $83,000,000
Nicole's salary: $15,000,000
Box Office: US- $95,632,614; UK- £8,924,982; Worldwide- $173,013,509; Non-USA- $77,377,000. On it's opening weekend made $14,574,213 in the USA on 2,163 screens, and £380,994 in the UK on 135 screens.
Runtime: 152mins / 2hr 32mins

[1] Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were both considering roles in this movie, yet Cruise was unaware of Kidman's involvement. Cruise backed out but Kidman immediately signed up.
[2] Nicole Kidman did all of her own piano playing.
[3] Nicole Kidman used an old converted bus once owned by executed Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu as her on-location dressing room.
[4] Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchett were both considered for the role of Ada.
[5] In the scene where Ruby and Ada are looking at the stars, you can see an airplane flash among the stars. There were no airplanes in 1864.
[6] Continuity Error - When Ada and Inman are kissing on Inman's porch at first she is to the right (as seen from the audience) and you see the doors in the back and the next clip she's to the left and you still see the doors in the back.

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