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BMX Bandits (1983) (aka 'Shortwave')
A High Flying Ride To Adventure!
They're Burning up the streets!
Three friends find a treasure and big trouble!
What does a beautiful model have to do with a gang of BMX riding teenagers? That's just what she'd like to know

Nicole plays Judy

BMX Bandits tells the story of PJ, Goose and Judy, 3 friends who get themselves into trouble with a group of criminals. PJ and Goose find a box of two-way radios in the shopping mall where Judy works, and decide to make some money by selling them off. What they don't known, however, is that the radios where stolen and hidden there by criminals. The criminals go after PJ, Goose and Judy, and kidnap Judy... but they outsmart the criminals, and the community builds a BMX track for PJ, Judy and Goose as a thank you.

Released: 22 December 1983
Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Co-stars: Angelo D'Angelo (PJ), James Lugton (Goose), Bryan Marshall (The Boss), Brian Sloman (The Creep), John Ley (Moustache), David Argue (Whitey)
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Family

Filming: New South Wales, Australia
Box Office:
Runtime: 88mins / 1hr 28mins


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Gallery: 'BMX Bandits' at the Nicole's Magic Gallery
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Worth watching for...
... seeing Nicole in a light hearted and entertaining Aussie film. Also, for seeing a very young Nic!

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