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Billy Bathgate (1991)
In 1935, a New York kid was looking for a hero. He found Dutch Schultz

Nicole plays Drew Preston

Billy Bathgate tells the story of 15 year old street hustler Billy Bathgate, who gets caught up in the gangster world of Dutch Schultz. Nicole plays Dutch's 'girlfriend', Drew Preston.

Released: November 1st 1991 in the US; April 30th 1992 in Australia
Directed by: Robert Benton
Co-stars: Dustin Hoffman (Dutch Schultz), Loren Dean (Billy Bathgate), Bruce Willis (Bo Weinberg), Steven Hill (Otto Berman), Steve Buscemi (Irving), Stanley Tucci (Lucky Luciano)
Genre: Crime/Drama/Gangster

Filming: North Carolina and New York, USA
Budget: -
Nicole's salary: $200,000
Box Office: Made $15,965,919 in the USA. Grossed $4,051,590 on it's opening weekend in the USA on 912 screens
Runtime: 106mins / 1hr 46mins


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Worth watching for...
... seeing Nicole on screen alongside Dustin Hoffman?

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