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Bewitched (2005)
Be warned. Be ready.

Nicole plays Isabel Bigelow/Samantha Stephens

Bewitched tells the story of failing actor Jack Wyatt, who is planning to remake the classic 1960's sitcom "Bewitched" (with himself in the starring role of Darrin). When looking for an unknown actress to play Samantha, Jack comes across a young woman named Isabel, whose nose bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Montgomery's, who played Samantha in the original TV version of Bewitched. He's convinced she is the best person to play Samantha, but unknown to him Isabel is actually a real witch. Meanwhile, Isabel's father Nigel isn't happy about his daughter wanting to be normal, but he becomes distracted when he meets Iris, the movie star playing Samantha's mother Endora in the film.

Released: US- June 24th 2005; Argentina- 28th July 2005; UK- August 19th 2005; Germany, Portugal- September 1st 2005; Greece, Spain- September 2nd 2005; France- September 21st 2005; Italy- September 23rd 2005; Netherlands- October 13th 2005;
Directed by: Nora Ephron
Co-stars: Will Ferrell (Jack Wyatt/Darrin), Shirley MacLaine (Iris Smythson/Endora), Michael Caine (Nigel Bigelow), Jason Schwartzman (Ritchie), Kristin Chenoweth (Maria Kelly), (Heather Burns .... Nina)
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Romance

Filming: Began late August 2004 - December 2004. Filmed on location in California, USA.
Budget: $85,000,000
Nicole's salary: $17,500,000
Box Office: Made $20,131,130 in it's opening weekend in the US on 3,174 screens. Had made $57,026,688 in the US by the middle of July.
Runtime: 102mins / 1hr 42mins

[1] Kristin Chenoweth's part was written specifically for her, because Nicole Kidman enjoyed her performance as Glinda in the Broadway musical "Wicked".
[2] APPARANTLY Nicole has been told by the studio that she is not allowed to 'twitch' in public before the premiere of the movie
[3] Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Alicia Silverstone were considered for the role of Samantha/Isabel before Nicole was finally cast.
[4] Continuity Error - When Isabel is sitting after Jack tells her to call her with his shoe you can see her tea bag hanging out of her cup but when they switch back to her it is gone and then back again.
[5] Continuity Error - At the premiere party for the show, Isabel is wearing a green top and black slacks at first. When she is at the valet station, telling Jack that she is a witch, she is wearing a skirt under her coat.
[6] Continuity Error - The amount of bread slices is different on the plates at the restaurant where Isabel orders scrambled eggs. At first there is three and then she puts two in the toaster but the next second they're there again.
[7] In January 2006 Nicole was quoted as saying "I fancied making a few more of those, but the critics killed that idea." referring to her wishes for a sequel.

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Worth watching for...
... Nicole in a magical comedy; Nicole playing a witch; Nicole in a film with Will Ferrell!

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