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[1] In brief individual astrology report for Nicole Kidman

Many a heart skipped a beat back in 1990 when dreamboat Tom Cruise married a little-known, leggy lass named Nicole Kidman. Who was this redhead from the Land Down Under? Raised in Sydney, this ballet student took to acting early on, yet wasn't discovered by U.S. audiences until the 1989 thriller Dead Calm hit movie screens. Her next role was in Days of Thunder, which she chose specifically so she could play opposite Cruise. A romance was born, and the rest is history -- including the couple's February 2001 split. Never content to be known simply as Mrs. Cruise, Kidman has made a screen name of her own, sizzling in films such as Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut (with Cruise) and Moulin Rouge -- and wowing worldwide audiences with her dramatic roles in The Hours and Cold Mountain. What else do the stars have to offer her?

Born under a Gemini Sun, Kidman is versatile and content to do several things at once. Possessing a lifelong thirst for knowledge, the actress is curious and restless in both mind and body. Her non-conformist bent is further highlighted in her love of skydiving and other extreme sports. It's no surprise that Tom Cruise gravitated toward this lady: She's good company and a great conversationalist.

Thanks to her Moon in Sagittarius, searching for the truth is of paramount importance to Kidman. Her quest for the meaning of life may occasionally cause her to speak before thinking, but she'll quickly smooth things over. Freedom is also important to the actress, a quality which will manifest itself in a love of travel and a free-form personal relationship -- or in freeing herself from personal entanglements altogether.

With her Mercury in Cancer, this leggy redhead will tell others what they want to hear. She'll also be fond of family and quick to remember her roots. Since Mercury is Square Mars here, Kidman could have a pretty sharp tongue. Debating things just for the fun of it will be a form of fun for her.

Her Venus in Leo speaks to the actress's showy side (as in Moulin Rouge!). Yes, Kidman is dramatic and unabashedly romantic where love is concerned. With her Venus Trine Saturn, expect long-term relationships to have a golden glow. Having Mars in Libra places an even brighter spotlight on Kidman's relationships. A harmonious partnership is important to this lady, as is looking good (those stunning gowns at awards time are an absolute must!). With Mars Opposite Saturn, however, Kidman may well take one step forward for every two steps back. A sudden burst of bravado could deteriorate into indecision, leaving the actress to wonder whether she should act or not. So far, though, it seems that acting has been the right choice for this talented lady!

[2] 'Woman to woman selected highlights' Nicole Kidman astrology report

Name: Nicole Kidman
Date: Jun 20, 1967
Place: Honolulu,HI

When you view the whole picture of your chart, you'll see that there is an emphasis of planets on the left side of your chart. This hemisphere strength indicates that you are driven by a need for independence and autonomy, and that you feel most validated when you feel that you're living life on your own terms. You may find it difficult to allow others to support or help you, even when you want them to lend a hand, and can certainly have trouble asking for assistance (especially if you feel it diminishes your sense of self to do so!). Relationships can be difficult for you unless you are in a situation which allows equanimity and equality, but be careful of your tendency to want to take the lead all of the time. True equality means that both partners are powerful.

Projection of Your Real Self
With your Sun in Gemini your inquisitive manner and quick wit may be your trademarks. You need variety, and whether in relationships, career opportunities or creative endeavors will prefer to create a life which gives you plenty of options. You may radiate an air of intelligence, and most enjoy people and situations which stimulate your mind. The old truth, "you are what you think," is especially clear to you, and you have the ability to shift your consciousness and create a whole new realm of life experience by first altering your mental focus.

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you. Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Virgo. Through this influence, you may be somewhat the perfectionist in your appearance and may be most comfortable when you feel well-groomed. Others may view you as detail-oriented, which has its advantages if you know what you want. You may be extremely aware of your physical body, to the extent that you know when anything is not working properly. You'd better keep a nail file in your pocketbook, since you'll fiddle with that ragged nail all day if you don't have a chance to fix it! The energy associated with your Ascendant is Mercury. With Mercury in Cancer, you may appear to be a good listener, and when you do speak your mind, the feeling behind what you say is difficult to ignore.

Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self
Through the supportive connection between your Moon and Venus in trine aspect to one another, you express a quality of beauty, grace and emotional strength which is highly attractive. The fact that you are a woman works to your benefit because you are comfortable with yourself and love the softness, gentility and level of creativity that are so much a part of you. Your sense of color, style and form can be applied in vast situations - from the way you dress, to your design of an office, to the creation of a highly successful business venture. Your ability to deal with people may be legendary. Whether you're reading bedtime stories to your children or making a presentation at work, your warmth, imagination and refinement are a pure joy. You're the perfect person to influence positive change in others, because other people are likely to trust that your motives are pure.

Your Moon is in the Gibbous Moon phase of the lunation cycle, indicating that you are continually striving to reach your goals, and that you are definitely growth-oriented. Even when you've accomplished one achievement, you may feel an immediate discontent, because you can see that there is yet another possibility or pathway. In relationships, this can create a frustrating series of power struggles, especially with others who are content to leave things as they are. You need and want to be perfect, and that ideal of perfection is also evolving as you mature. It is crucial that you maintain an awareness of your feelings and needs, and that you spend some time in introspection in order to gain the level of perspective necessary to help you maintain your equilibrium. The archetypal quality associated with this moon phase is that of "The Muse," stimulating your creative self-development. This is a cycle of blossoming, and you need to feel that your life is an experience of opening up. As you work to create the experience of yourself as a whole woman, you may begin to realize that what you see within yourself is much more valid than the images, ideals or expectations projected by society - especially those which are false and which do not support the true nature of womanliness. Your devotion to finding this quality within yourself can, indeed, sustain you and may inspire others as well.

Owning Your Inner Masculine Self
Mars energy is assertive, aggressive and combative, and can be angry. These are not "feminine" qualities. In fact, women who possess and project these qualities from within themselves often get bad names, and are called "ball-busters," or other expletives, by the men who are dealing with them. But to become fully whole, you need to accept the manner in which you can utilize your Mars energy so that you are confident and strong with it, and so you can get into the world and make things happen for yourself!

Developing Your Mind
Although the energy of Mercury is traditionally considered to be the main indicator of your mentality, there are also other qualities which are part of your mental and intellectual self. First, let's look at Mercury, which is the energy through which you link your thoughts and ideas with others. You are a receptive thinker with Mercury in Cancer and can use your convictions and personal feelings about someone or something to your advantage when you need to express your ideas. You may have a photographic memory, with outstanding abilities to recall anything you've seen or learned. If you really want to remember something, see it in your mind. Your ability to recall the details can be quite amazing. Although you can be a little sentimental, and may love romantic stories and songs, you can be objective when necessary. You may be a first class storyteller, with an excellent ability to use different inflections in your voice.

Your imagination and creativity enhance your intellectual development with Mercury in trine aspect to Neptune. You may be a gifted writer, artist, actress or photographer-- and whether or not you develop these talents, you have an excellent eye for that which is beautiful and enthralling. You perform at your peak in an environment which is serene and inspires your visionary manner of thinking.

Your Special Edge
Through the influence of Aries on the cusp of your 8th House, you may be quite assertive about approaching the mysteries and may show great courage when exploring the processes of healing and transformational change. You may feel that your primary thrust in life is to regenerate yourself, to become whole and perfect. But before you can achieve this experience, you may have to venture into some unknown territory: the place which contains your real power. With Mars ruling this house, you may experience some turmoil within yourself, since you may have very powerful physical desires and emotional attachments. You may feel that you have to experience some type of wounding in order to continue in your spiritual quests to uncover life's deeper mysteries. You may even follow the path of the shaman which requires a level of wounding if you are to travel between the worlds of the inner and outer self. But there is a difference between wounding and self-destruction, and that is the crux of your dilemma!

[3] Tom and Nicole - A Match Made In Heaven?

In February of 2001, a true Hollywood legend came tumbling down. Okay, perhaps it wasn't that dramatic, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman seemed, after more than ten years together, to be a Tinseltown mainstay, a one-in-a-million example of dedication and commitment in La-La-Land, where romances so often sour prematurely. However, citing the usual "irreconcilable differences," the two filed for divorce. What happened? Rumors flew regarding possible extramarital dalliances, disputes over the couple's involvement in the Church of Scientology and so on, but such gossip is hardly ever substantiated. The themes explored in Cruise and Kidman's third film together -- Stanley Kubrick's psycho-erotic thriller, Eyes Wide Shut -- may be more revealing and could have foreshadowed their split. In the film, the actors bared it all and steamed up the silver screen in the process; they made waves with this tale of an affluent New York couple with a penchant for experimentation, but in so doing, they explored themes of jealousy, possession, the darkest parts of human relationships and emotions. The two met in "real life" in 1990, on the set of the action/drama race car film, Days of Thunder. They didn't waste much time beating it to the altar; they wed in Telluride, Colorado on December 24, 1990, and have two adopted children, Isabella and Conner. What do the stars have to say about Cruise and Kidman's relationship and breakup?

Birth details:

July 3, 1962
Syracuse, NY

June 20, 1967
Honolulu, HI

Their Sun Signs are actually quite compatible -- they were both born under a Cancer Sun, though Kidman straddles the Gemini-Cancer Cusp, making her a bit more of a chatty wit than Cruise may be. Cancer is a Sign that was born for an intimate love relationship; emotionally deep and intuitive, most Cancers would rather stay home with their sweetie than go out into the bright lights of the big city. The trouble with Cancer, though, is those deep, confusing emotions that can sometimes become overwhelming, resulting in moodiness and crabby behavior (hence, the Sign of the Crab!). Furthermore, Cruise's Saturn makes some important Oppositions that might underscore that moodiness -- but more on that later.

Both Cruise and Kidman's Love Planets (Venus) reside in Leo, which means they're also a great match in the romance department. Both fiery, dramatic and demonstrative lovers, this is the placement that brought them together and kept the fires of romance aglow for so long. In Leo, Venus is romantic drama galore; together these two must have pulled out all the stops. This placement may have led to trouble, however; due to Leo's influence, Cruise and Kidman share a mutual urge to be the dominating partner, which probably led to occasional clashes of will. Their Cancer Suns followed this up to ensure that any arguments resulted in plenty of hurt feelings on both sides.

In terms of passion, these two lovebirds are both sizzling sensualists. Cruise's Mars, the Planet of Passion, in Taurus marks him as sensuous, driven, materialistic and stubborn about pursuing his ambitions. Kidman's Mars in Libra, on the other hand, indicates a much more peaceful, go-with-the-flow sort of attitude. When it comes to a crunch, Kidman will acquiesce to avoid confrontation; above almost all else, she wants to keep the peace. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the Pleasure Planet that speaks to tantalizing treats and delicious dalliances. As a result of these influences, Cruise and Kidman can both be prone to self-indulgence and vanity. They want to be sure that any film they star in is a hit and that they're the hottest thing to hit Hollywood.

When looking at a composite analysis of their charts (meaning turning their two individual charts into one in order to offer an analysis of the relationship itself), we find Venus and Mars both lying in Leo. With this placement, these two are proud and enjoy being the center of attention -- their motto might be "the bigger the better." Cost isn't an issue so long as they look gorgeous and to die for. Being in the limelight with all eyes on them in all their glory is where they want to be.

What now, now that their relationship has come to an end? In one sense, their connection will never end; they have two children together so they could never completely exit one another's lives. Is there any hope of reconciliation in the future? Kidman's Saturn Squares Cruise's Sun and Juno, the Soul Mate Sign. This aspect indicates a particular coldness between them, an unwillingness to reach out to one another. And Cruise's Saturn makes wide Oppositions to both his Moon and his Venus and is exactly Opposite his North Node, which spells big-time, Karmic, life-long love issues. Saturn's cold restrictiveness in Opposition to the warmth and love of the Moon and Venus may result in Cruise never feeling well-loved enough, no matter who's loving him or how.

It was reported that Kidman was "broadsided" by the news of the separation, that Cruise made the announcement before his wife even knew of his intentions. The *Stars* knew, however -- during the same time Cruise announced the couple's separation and filed for divorce, transiting Pluto was crossing right over Kidman's natal Moon in Sagittarius, indicating a time of intense emotional upheaval for the actress. Pluto is the Planet of Raw Power and deals with death and rebirth, the ends and beginnings of new phases of life. This Planetary action indicates the dissolution of her marriage marked a time of emotional transformation for Kidman; she will come out of this experience a different, and most likely more solid and mature, person. So, based on the *Stars*, it seems that for any kind of reconciliation to happen, Cruise and Kidman would need to overcome a lot. Does that mean no more movies together for these two? Well ... probably so, but we certainly hope not!

The date of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding
Sunday June 25, 2006 is a great astro date for Nicole and Keith to wed. A New Moon in Cancer early Monday morning sets the tone for their union. Venus, the goddess of love moves into Gemini (Nicís sign) June 24, and with the Moon in Gemini as well Friday, Saturday and Sunday, itís a truly wonderful time for Scorpio Keith and Gemini Nicole to get married. Passionista Mars in Nicís energy zone and Keithís ambitious zone means that they are both prepared to work hard and fight for this marriage, while communicator Mercury in Cancer puts a nurturing and spiritual aspect on their ability to communicate with each other and even read each otherís minds. Cosmic Cheers!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban by
Nicole and Keith's Compatibility Score: +72 This couple has some truly wonderful connections between them. Some of the nicest aspects are their Suns in trine, Moon trine Saturn, Moon conjunct Mercury and Sun sexile Jupiter. Some of their warning or negative aspects include Moon square Venus and Mars square Moon. What is exceptional about Keith and Nicoleís compatibility is the connections between their Sun, Moon and 7th house rulers. Nicoleís Sun ruler Mercury is conjunct Keithís Moon (his Ascendant and Moon ruler). Her Mercury is also trine Keithís Mercury, a very nice aspect as it lends to good and open communication and shared ideas. Nicoleís 7th house ruler, Neptune is trine Keithís Moon and her Moon ruler (Jupiter) is in trine to his Saturn, his 7th house ruler. Keithís Saturn sits in Nicoleís 7th house. Normally this can be a negative indicator. However, with it being the ruler of his 7th house and with such nice aspects to Nicoleís chart, the influence is mostly positive. Best yet, Nicole has a fire trine in her chart involving the Moon, Venus and Saturn. Keithís Saturn joins this fire trine and should go quite a ways to easing some of the problems in the relationship. Some of the problems are likely to come from their T-square involving Keithís Moon and Ascendant and Nicoleís Saturn opposite Mars and her Mercury. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn are key planets in this compatibility, especially as most are involved in both aspect patterns. Aspect patterns give a tremendous amount of energy and drive to the relationship and will need to be worked out. Overall, this relationship has an excellent chance of happy and fulfilling for both Nicole and Keith.

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