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In 2006 it was announced that Nicole would film short promotional adverts for Sky Italia. She filmed the adverts in early September of the same year in the area of Testaccio, Italy. The spots were released later in the year, with a Christmas themed one in December.

Filming was hit with controversy when reports emerged that residents were unhappy with the filming and the fee they had received. After negotiations, residents allowed the filming to continue.

The residents of Testaccio had nothing but praise for Nicole, with one saying "She was fantastic and smiled and waved to us and even said 'ciao' in Italian which was very nice of her."

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Spot #1:
Man: "I pomodori, (il) sedano, le carote..." / "Tomatoes, celery, carrots..."
Woman: "Si si, ma diamole la Parmigiana di melanzane, le polpette, la pasta al forno... Tira su, Nicoletta!" / "Yes, yes, but we let's give her the Parmesan, meat balls, pot pie... Take it up, Nicoletta!"
Nicole: "Ammazza, grazie!" / "Wow, thanks!"

Spot #2:
Woman: "Scusi" / "Sorry"
Nicole: "Va bene" / "Dont' worry!" (literally "It's alright!")
Nicole: "Molto bello" / "Very beautiful"
Woman: "Davvero?" / "Really?"
Woman: "Ce ne vorrebbero 2... anzi forse 3" / "I need 2... well 3 of that!"
Nicole: "E' giusto" / "Yeah right"
Woman: "Insomma" / "Erm..."

Spot #3:
Men: "Allora siamo arrivati al punto 3, migliorie da portare allo stabile" / "So we're gonna talk about the 3 point and what we can do to improve our building"
Men 2: "La prima cosa che ci serve č la maniglia nuova per il portone" / "At first we need a new handle for the main door"
Woman: "Cooosa? La lampadina per il 2° piano piuttosto!" / "What?! A light bulb for the second floor instead!"
Men 2: "La maniglia non la lampadina!" / "The handle not the light!"
Nicole: "Scusate... Che ne dite della piscina sul tetto?" / "Sorry... What do you think about swimming pool on the roof?"
Woman 2: "E che siamo a Holliwood!" / "Here it's not Hollywood!" (litterally "And we are not in Hollywood!")
Nicole: "Si piccola perņ!" / "Yes but little little!"

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