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A year after the acclaimed thriller movie The Others sent shivers down audiencesí spines, its famous Hollywood star and shy young Chilean-born director have teamed up once again and just like last time, theyíve been shooting sequences in a mysterious old mansion. However, the project thatís brought Nicole Kidman and Alejandro Amenabar back together isnít a spooky new film, itís a TV commercial for El Corte Ingles, Spainís ubiquitous department store. The location on this occasion is a 1920s Beverly Hills house where films like The Witches Of Eastwick were shot, and while itís situated thousands of miles away from the northern Spanish mansion where The Others was filmed, the billowing curtains, tiled floors and shadowy light definitely recapture Alejandroís BAFTA-nominated movie. Itís the first time that Nicole has agreed to star in a commercial, and what may have persuaded her to do so is the huge respect she has for the promising 30-year-old director. "Alejandro has a great future ahead", she has said. "Heís passionate about his work and is completely committed. I am very fond of him". The director, who has long been based in Spain, was at first very reluctant to consider a Hollywood star for the lead role in The Others. However, he was quickly won over. "Nicole turned out to be so intelligent, so brilliant, and her criticisms always helped improve the filmís quality", he said after working with her. [source]

Nicole earned a six-figure salary for the two Christmas-campaign TV ads
Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz have also done advertisements for El Corte Ingles

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