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In October 2003 Nicole signed a 3 year deal to become the new face and spokeswoman for Chanel No.5. "Ms. Kidman was chosen because she represents a unique standard of elegance and embodies the spirit and modernity of Chanel," the company said in a statement.

Baz Luhrman created, directed and produced the ad campaign, which filmed in Australia over the 2003 Christmas period. The advert featured Rodrigo Santoro (who has recently been seen alongside Laura Linney in Love Actually) as the male interest. The full length version, lasting 3 minutes, was a mini-movie, including end credits. Nicole 'played' the world's most famous woman, who escaped from the flashbulbs of the press into the back of a taxi, finding herself next to a stranger. We then see them together in his tiny rooftop flat, and she finally feels able to be herself. Against a back-drop of fireworks and city lights, the couple share a passionate kiss. The lovers realise they cannot be together, and after a final embrace in the taxi, she leaves, returning to the red carpet where the photographers are waiting for her. While walking up the red carpet, she glances behind her to see her man in his roof-top flat looking back at her. They smile at each other, and she then returns to face the photographers.

It's the most expensive 60 second ad ever made, costing $12 million, with Nicole being paid $10. In the advert Nicole is draped in $42 million dollars worth of (custom-made) diamonds, wearing custom-designed outfits Chanels' top designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

The advert was premiered in US cinemas at the end of October, and paper-based adverts a month or so before that. A new paper-based advert appeared in March 2006.

Released: 2004
Directed by: Baz Luhrmann
Co-stars: Rodrigo Santoro
Genre: Romance
Filming: Australia
Budget: $12m
Runtime: 3 minutes

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