MEDIA Fanart

Beautiful art made by some of Nic's most talented fans. Made something yourself and want to see it here? Send me an e-mail and I'll add your creation here with full credit given to you!

SPECIAL: Birthday 2005 Fanart

Drawn by Kora

Made by Mariana

Made by Luciano

Made by Laia

Drawn by Cami and Lucy

Drawn by Matt Millington - Portrait Artist

Made by Candice

Made by Juliana

Made by Oriphia

Drawn by Damien Lasaration

Portrait of Nicole Kidman as Medusa. In this version of the mythological story, Medusa is portrayed as a beautiful woman with snakes in her hair. Situated on the Acropolis, with The Parthenon and the legendary - over 40 feet (12 meters) high and made of gold and ivory - statue of Pallas Athena (who gave Medusa the snakes in her hair as a punishement because Medusa was more beautiful than Pallas Athena) in the background.
Drawn by Joop (hover for description)

Made by Stella

Made by Andreia

Drawn by Elina

Made by Josie

Made by John

Made by Sparkle

Made by Janelle

Made by Lex

Made by Jessica

Made by Brittany

Made by Juliette

Made by Megan

Made by Merisa

Made by Arina

Made by tulipa

Made by Naomi

Made by Andreia

Made by Clara

Made by 'Agenius89'

Made by Delphine

Made by Sarah

Made by Jess

Made by Marya