INTERACT Fan Reviews THE HUMAN STAIN, by Hiedi_1

"The Human Stain", starring Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, is a very unique movie that attempts to show that true love can overcome the obstacles of age difference, cultural taboos, hatred, and the most painful memories life can create. Nicole Kidman's emotions in this movie are so smooth, so perfect, so deep, and so believable that even every scene she is in is enjoyable.

The film begins with a college professor, (Anthony Hopkins) being accussed of racism in a liberal Massachussets university. This changes his whole life, chancing him to meet a much younger woman (Nicole Kidman). When they fall in love, obstacles amount that could break them apart. Nicole Kidman plays a poor divorced woman very shamed and troubled by her traumatic past, while Anthony Hopkins holds a dark secret that he has yet to reveal...

This movie is not for everyone. To some it may seem slow, but to me it was interesting to see the history behind the plot, while the scenes go back and forth between past and present. If you only like fast-moving plots, this movie is not for you. If you like dramas made for a romantic heart, and you can appreciate the beautuful piece of art that Nicole Kidman makes out of this character, you should see "The Human Stain" for an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Nicole Kidman, the movie accomplishes its goal in showing the power of true love to heal broken hearts and surpass all boundaries.

This movie contains a lot of female nudity and is not recommended for anyone under 17.