INTERACT Fan Reviews THE HOURS, by tulipa

I knew that seeing "The Hours" would be more then watching a movie, it would be a life experience.

Three women stuck in their lifes in which they don't seem to have control on. A writer submissed to her mental illnes, a housewife who don't see herself in her choices and a 90's publisher who lives in function of the happiest (past) moments of her life.And in one day all their life changes. In one day, they see all their lifes in front of them like an open book. "The Hours" tell us how difficult it is to change and control the only thing we have of ours, our life and existence towards others.

What makes these lifes link is the wonderful editing work that transport us to all three lifes connected by simple gestures and thoughts.

Virgina Woolf (played by Nicole Kidman) writes the story of a woman, Mrs Dalloway, who doesn't see herself in her life but who hides her real feelings (and doubts) by living as other expect. And is through her writings we find the true Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) and Clarissa Vaughn (Meryl Streep).

Laura Brown believes she is Dalloway and Clarissa denies it. Laura Brown loves an undesired love, Clarissa lives a platonic one. And Virginia, trapped in her own mind, is the one who really loves and is loved.

Artistically, the actresses play brilliantly. They all live in the edge of breaking and all stand like if it was the only and last thing they could do. And it's Laura Brown who makes the most surprosing (and cruelest) decision and is through her final decision that we realise that all lives are connected. One decision today, influences another one, even 40 years later.