INTERACT Fan Reviews MOULIN ROUGE, by tulipa

The word that easily describes "Moulin Rouge" is lovely.

It's full of romance and it doesn't apologise for it.

Romance, comedy, drama is equally balanced and we do not feel fooled by it development.

The adaptation of modern songs to the characters dialog (specially when Christian (Ewan Mcgregor) reveals his love to Satine (Nicole Kidman)) it's done masterfully. We do feel it's a homage Baz Luhrmann gives to songs as different as "This is your song" by Elton John, "Like a Virgin" by Madonna and even Nirvana.

Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor have great chemistry (how much fun they have had). They give us a constant feeling of tragedy-to-come though we always believe it's a love "till the end of time".

And above all, this movie makes me believe in love!