INTERACT » Fan Reviews » COLD MOUNTAIN, by tulipa

I confess, everytime I see a Nicole's movie, I have the highest expectation.

What happened to "Cold Mountain" was a simple thing; the director wanted all; the epic story, the romance, the drama. And only got a bit of everything (or nothing of a lot...).

As Nicole Kidman said herself, Ada and Inman's love had to be strong enough and beliveble enough so we, viewers, would believe Inman was willing to leave war and start a long journey through America, so he could meet Ada.

Inman's intentions were not clear (we know why but we don't feel it...). His purpose, his lack of belief should have been more explored. However, Jude Law's performance was the gold point of the movie. What he didn't say, we definitely felt.

The cinematography was beautiful. It gives us the sense of vastness of Inman's journey and the wildness and untamed nature he had to face.

Though I am not a fan of Renée Zellweger's work, her effort on making Ruby believable is touching. We do acknowledge her dedication to the only character of the movie who is really free. And is through her vision of life (hard, pure, direct) that she helps Ada (fragile, sensitive, soft) survive the lost and the sudden difficulties and above all, discover her own strenght.

Nicole gives a straight clean performance in a movie that unfortunately seems only to care about her fragile beauty.