INTERACT Fan Reviews BATMAN FOREVER, by Scott Godfrey

Batman Forever works well on certain levels. The film was directed quite well and was very well cast in most places.

The story starts when Bruce Wayne/Batman(Kilmer) turns down Edward Nygma's/The Riddler's invention to suck IQ's out of people who watch TV and receive the information himself. He teams up with the mad Two Face(Jones). With the help of Dick Drayson/Robin( O'Donell)and Dr. Chase Meridian(Kidman) this film is a enjoyable adventure that needs to be watched if you are a fan of the lighter Batman series in the 60's with quite a bit of darkness!

The Good
Val Kilmer played Bruce Wayne and Batman very well, with a don't mess with me attitude and a silent trauma act, that was Award worthy. Nicole Kidman also displayed a brilliant performance (yet again) her deep husky voice was brilliant and her potrayal of a Comic Book Love interest was brilliant. The music was brilliant, yet again, with a theme tune (Kiss from a Rose by Seal) and a very good orchestral sountrack.

The Ok
Tommy Lee Jones, played Two Face well in some scenes but in other scenes didn't display evilness and greed like Two Face was in the Comics. Chris O'Donell was O.K at playing Robin but the character was whiny and annoying so that put me off the film a tad bit.

The Bad
Jim Carrey was funny as usual in this feature but it had a little touch of the Jim Carrey show and there is a certain camp feature about the Riddler. I don't know if this was added intentionally but it is a little distracting.

Apart from that this film is a very enjoyable Movie with some solid performances and good direction! If you liked the other Burton films and don't like change it's not garunteed you will like it but try it out by all means and make your mind up yourself.

4 out of 5 Stars