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Tell everyone how Nicole has inspired or influenced you to do something, and changed your dream/task/etc from Mission:IMpossible to Mission:Possible! Email your stories to me, OR, fill in the form below.

Melissa: Like a lot of people here, Nicole has inspired me to act! I wanna be an actress soooo bad and its all thanks to Nic! I have loved Nicole before i even knew who she was or with out even knowing her name, the first movie i saw her in was Practical Magic and i just loved it and her! Thanks to Nicole i learned its ok to be the fair skinned kid who loves to act!

Melanie: I am only 13 and I never really thought of what I wanted to be when I grow up. And then came Nic. My first movie I ever saw here in was "Far and Away". The first minute I saw her in the movie, I fell in love with her. I watched more and more of her movies everyday and spent all my Christmas money to buy her movies. After seeing at least 10 of her movies I realized what I wanted to ACTRESS. So now i am going to join the drama club and do whatever it takes to become an actress. Thanks Nicole for being a great role model!!!

Beth: Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be an actress. But recently, I had some auditions that bombed and I wanted to just give up on acting. Nicole has showed me to believe in my dreams and never give up! I know that sounds kind of corny, but it is true. And it also landed me the lead in a play I am doing! :) Nicole is truly a beautiful and extraordinary person. I love you Nic!

Rebecca: She inspired me to become an actress. When i was first introduced to her acting was when I first saw Moulin Rouge. She had such energy. THEN! I saw her in Cold Mountain. OH MY GOODNESS! Wonderful! she is my role model. and Knowing that her whole life she struggled to become an actress just makes me want to be one myself even more. I love her work. I look up to her. My dream is to meet her one day wether it be in 2 months or 30 years. That's one thing I would love to do before I die!!! Nicole, I love your work!!!

Pearl: Nicole has inspired me to fight for what I want. I enjoy performing and I want to persue my career in the performing arts.I have always dreamed of becoming an actress and although my family doesn't support my dream I will fight till the end. Nicole inspired me to be strong. I love performing and even though the trail is tough I will keep on going, I will never give up.

Roxie : Im only 14 and Nicole is already my role model. My family has had a rough time at the moment and the only thing I could do to take myself away from it was watch a movie. Nicole made anything possible, I could be whoever I wanted to be. Just seeing her smile made me feel happier. I have to say shes lucky though, Ewan Mcgregor is absolutley gorgeous. Shes so fantastic and I want to be just like her. I wish I could meet her for just five minutes to tell her what she means to me.

Hayley M. : Nicole has made me want to become an actress, a singer, an Australian, a dancer, a mother, a wife...everything she will ever be. Yet, she inspired me to care for my family. When Nicole was about 17 and her career was just getting started, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. And instead igonoring her mother and acting, she stopped the whole career she had in mind. She went and took classes on how to massage. She is what helped her mother make it through the horrible and tough time. I really love that story. When I heard it, I had tears in my eyes. Nicole is a trully amazing person who has inspired me to always be there for my family and never give up. Thank you Nicole

Jelaila: Nicole has inspired me alot I have a very rough life and everytime I see her smile it brings me joy becuae you know how much happiness is in her.

Nita: Nicole has inspired me and well, accompanies me a lot through years. The way I saw her through life for years are really inspiring, how she always being herself at every time and the way the speaks with people and act in public. I always love how when she laugh she really laugh, it’s really contagious and just show me, at least, that you don’t need to fake anything to anybody and just be who you are. She also looks so sweet and just nice and friendly in the entire interviews she’s in. I also interesting in acting, and the way she act, how she makes her eyes speak and how she change her expression and tones are really inspiring. But the best was when bad things happen to me, and well I always remember what her dad told her after the divorce, ‘it is what it is, not what should have been, not what could have been’, and for someone who love to see the past, that really helps a lot. :)

Julie: nicole inspires me to want to sing & i want to be in films after seeing her.she just amazes me.she is so beautiful.kind & fantastic.she just shines like the stars & makes me smile when i see her anywhere.she is so fab

Jessica: The way she laughs, the way she talks and of course the way she acts! she is the moste inspiring woman in my life. Not that i wan't to become a actress, but she showed the whole world that you can be who you are as yourself and not always have to pretant to be the hollywood person that everybody want's to see... It gives me more confident as a person... Nicole is our star and i will love her forever!

Tulipa: Well, I never wanted to be an actress so it wasn't there that NK touched my life. NK appeared on a time I was very lonely (or felt very lonely). And movies have been always a great thing to escape from real live. I got curious about her when I read an interview where she said that she didn't care what other people say about her choices in career and life and I thought that was great for Hollywood life! I started seeing her movies, all I could, and she started inspiring me on not being afraid of the bad moments and what other people say. Make your own way, she would say. In one sentence, she makes me happy. (And I dress better now because of her!).

Jessica: im 15 (a soph) and im from dallas tx... i just moved to NYC to go to the professional performing arts school to persue acting. i had always adored britney spears (no hating) since i was 9.. but i grew out of that (finally) and for awhile i had no one to inspire me. (so i guess i was in the market for a new inspiration?) not that u really need one at all times, but its always nice to have that extra drive. so.. the late bloomer that i am.. i saw moulin rouge in septemeber of 03. i was depressed for weeks... thats how much i got into that movie haha.. anyways! thats where my ::obssession:: began. there are so many actors out there that are very famous, but are actually quite talentless and unispiring. but nicole has the talent and she inspires me to be a better person and actress... i dont wnat to be just like her or anything, because i want to be my own person, but i want to be as great as her, and as intelligent.

Bea: Nicole Kidman inspired me because when I was 10 years old I really, really want to be an actress. I want to be an actress so bad that I pretend that I have my own movie. Then 1991, I saw Flirting. I saw Nic act for the first time and I thought, "She's so wonderful." That's how I started to watch every movie of Nicole and copying every single thing that she does. Then, 10 years later, Moulin Rouge came out. Then, I watched Mulholland Dr. There I saw Naomi Watts and she became the new Nicole Kidman of my life (no offence). But Nicole is still kept in my other half of my heart, and naomi watts has the other half of my heart. Fair enough.

Jen: Nicole has inspired to achieve my dream of being an actress. I have always wanted to be an actress but didn't think I could do it so I kind of side tracked it. But when I saw Moulin Rouge, and read up on Nicole I realised you can achieve whatever you want as long as you want it bad enough!

Kayle: I have wanted to be an actress all my life and she inspires me to be an actress so much. I am in the drama club at school and let me tell ya it pays off if you want to become an actress because it prepares you for college! This year I will be a junior and I am going to apply to Julliard school of drama in NYC I think going there it will all happen. I love her so much, I look to her as my second mother figure, I was she was!

Randi: Nic Inspired me not to give up on my dream! I have wanted to be an actress since I was 2 years old. Every once in awhile I think of giving up but then I think of her and think,"Where would Nic be now if she had given up?" So I stick to my dreams because of her. Watching her in movies and on tv just makes this world a better place!

'Edida': When I feel down, I can just think of Nicole and all she has been through and feel better. I now want to be an actress and am inspired to start a drama club at school. I used to never think much of Australia, now I want to visit it someday. Nicole is my god mother.And my best-friend.

Satine: thanks to the fact I look a bit like her, in a theatral play inspired by Moulin Rouge I got the role of Satine.. thank you so much Nic! And.. I've always studied dance and sing, now I'm starting studing acting to become.. A REAL ACTRESS.

Magda Agreda Brown: Nic has inspired me to be an Actress, I've always loooooved, really, really loved Cinema and Television, they're my pasion; and everything that has to do with acting and art. I've always wanted to be an artist, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be a singer or a dancer or an actress, but when I saw Nicole perform for the first time I decided I wanted to be an Actress. And now I'm studying ballet, sing, and of course Drama! And when I grow up I hope I could be as talented and famous as Nicole.


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