INTERACT Favourite Outfit

Moulin Rouge - Germany Moulin Rouge - LA Moulin Rouge - NY Moulin Rouge - London

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Your thoughts ...
Felicia - "My fave one is the white one! She's soooo BEAUTIFUL in it! And she looks sooo classy!"
Tulipa - "Moulin Rouge NY, it fits the mood of the movie and it's very original!"
Antoniette - "My fave is the 4th one. She looks sophisticated and drop dead gorgeous"
Maria - "My favourite is the first one, because i think that Nicole is very beautiful. She's beautiful in all of them but the best is the first!!"
Kelly - "My favorite is the second one for sure! Her hair is marvelous and that dress really looks amazing on her. It's something elegantly simple."
Maria - "My favorite is the second one. She's very, very, very beautiful and she has a beuatiful smile!"
Maria - "Wow! The second is soooo beautiful ! i realy like it! =)"
Dana - "I really like the third one because she looks beautiful in the outfit"
Michelle - "My favorite outfit is the 4th one. She looks gorgeous!!!"
Nath - "My favorite one is the white one! It's so beautiful, so... oh I can't explain!"
Annalyse - "I like the white one because she looks really pretty in it"
Paula - "My favorite is the third one. She looks great in white with her fair skin and red hair."
Laia - "I think the second is the one that best fits her! She looks lovely: it was difficult to choose between the third and the second, though"
Dhivya - "I love all of them but my fav is the first outfit."
Rob - "My favorite is the first one. The dress is simple but stands outher perfect body and in the same time is a mix of elegance and glamour."
Tulipa - "#3, it's very bohemian and it fits perfectly with the "Moulin Rouge" premiere


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The Interpreter Premiere outfits (x4)
Pearl - I like the 3rd outfit the most
Romain - I think that the third outfit is a perfect illustration of the image I have of Nicole : beautiful, elegant and a bit sexy ! She's really the kind of woman wich represents the best the way to be a natural superstar.
Mikaela - Fourth outfit definitely. Classic, elegant, but beautifully worn (as always i guess)
Danielle - I love the fourth dress. It's simple yet absolutely beautiful.
Alix - I like the first, and the third, and the fourth. I really like the first one. I love the color. The second one is very classy and elegant just like the fourth.
Laia - I like the first it's original and Nicole looks very good in it.