INTERACT Look-a-likes

Have you ever seen someone who you thought looked like our Nic? Maybe you've even been told *you* look like her! Or perhaps you've spotted another celeb in the same dress as her. Well now you can show off and have your lookalike posted here! E-Mail Me the picture and I'll post it up here...




Jennifer Reynolds from Oklahoma City

Daisy Fuentes (In Sept. 2006) is wearing a very similar dress to what Nicole wore to the Golden Globes in 2005

Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing the same Prada dress Nicole wore in 2000

Colleen M. (sent in by Candice)


Queen Rania is wearing a similar if not the exact same velvet Azzaro coat-dress Nicole wore to the London premiere of The Interpreter in April 2005

Linda Evangelista is wearing the same black flapper dress that Nicole wore to the G'Day LA Event in January 2005





Kimberly is a "professional Nicole Kidman lookalike"

Thanks to those who have submitted their own pictures