Welcome to Nicole's Magic, a fansite for the Academy Award winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Nicole is one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, and is known for her roles in Moulin Rouge, The Hours and To Die For, and has recently been seen in Australia.

Nicole's Magic is the largest and most comprehensive fansite for Nicole and is completely dedicated to supporting her and her career, and keeping the fans up to date with all that she's doing. Comments, suggestions and contributions are always more than welcomed so please contact me if you have anything to say. Enjoy your visit, add us to your Favourites and come back again!


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September 2009

Name: Mayo
Age: 13
Location: Mexico
Email Address: mary_domen@hotmail.com
Favourite Nicole film: Oh my... I guess all of them... ok, specially Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, The Hours, The Golden Compass, The Others & Bewitched

001 When Did You First Become A Fan of Nicole? Well it was about a year ago, in December (I know it´s not a long time) I read the His Dark Materials series and I just loved them and I didn´t doubt to see the movie, I saw it in my friend´s hows, as I said before on December of 2007, that´s when I first knew about Nicole, I got impressed of her way to act and I got reallly obsesed and I got to know everything about her, ad since then I´m a big fan of her.

002 What is it about Nicole that you really love/admire? I love her movies, how she acts, I also admire all her charitable work and I admire thet she doesn´t let fame go up her head and that even though she´s a very known actress from Hollywood she doesn´t forget her roots and how she fighted since she was very young to get where she´s now. Also that she knows that her fans are very important to her and she make them able to be close to her.

003 Has she affected your life in any way? Of course! When I became her fan I started beliving what I like and in what I want to do and fighting for it (before I knew about her I was shy and quiet and I didn´t have self-confidence). She also thought me to have will force and not to stop what I´m doing till finishing it.

004 What would you like to see Nic do in the future? I would like her to be singing and also to act with actresses such as Keira Knightley or Julia Roberts, I would also like her to write a book and publish it or to sing a song with her husband Keith.

005 If you could say one thing to Nicole, or do one thing for her, what would it be? I would tell her lots of things! I would tell her to stop smoking (that will kill her!) I would tell her to stop using botox, she is beautifull as she is, I would also tell her to continue as she is and acting as she acts, I would ask her for an authograph (hehe) and I would also tell her how much I admire and love her!

006 Why should you be fan of the month? Well I think becouse I wanna show how proud I am of being her fan and to show that I have confidence in her and to show that she´s a great actres!! Besides, we havent had a fan of the month since November 2007.