INTERACT Fan Of The Moment

October 2008's Fan Of The Month

Name: Dominyka
Age: 14
Location: New Jersey
Email Address:
Favourite Nicole film: Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain

001 When Did You First Become A Fan of Nicole? I first became a fan of Nicole when i first saw Moulin Rouge. I didn't see it when it came out in 2001 I didn't live in America back then. I saw it in 2004 when I was just 10 years old. That when I fell in love with the music and Nicole's movies.

002 What is it about Nicole that you really love/admire? There is more than just one thing about Nicole that I love. Number one thing about her that I like would be that she is caring and gives so much love not only to her family but to people she has never met before like donating to charities like the Breast Cancer Reaserch Foundation and UNIFEM and more. I also admire all the hard work she puts into her movies. She is like the perfect acterss and she knows how to work and do it right the first time.

003 Has she affected your life in any way? Yeah I would say that she has affeccted my life. Quite a lot accually. I don't get inspired too often. But Nicole always seems to change that. Because of all of her hard work I try my best at everything.. School was geting really hard and my finals were a week away. I was sure i was going to fail. But then I came on this site and read about all of her acomplishments and the charities. I was really inspired and decited to study as hard as i could. I ended up passing my finals with all As and a B.

004 What would you like to see Nic do in the future? I can't imagine what more could Nicole do after all that she has already done. She is amazing and I think that at this point anything for her is possible. I would like to see her inspire more and more children to stay in school and to finally end violence against women. I know that she can make it hapen. I would also like to see her make more movies where she would sing and show her voice. Happy Feet was fun to listen to and Moulin Rouge always brings me up when I sing along to the songs.

005 If you could say one thing to Nicole, or do one thing for her, what would it be? If I could say one thing to Nicole. It would most likelly be a Thank You! I would say that because she has saved so many people like kids and women from abuse and sicknesses and the is donating to find a cure for cancer. She has also lifted people spirits. And has stared in amazing movies of which some help us to get through life daily.

006 Why should you be fan of the month? I think I should be a fan of the month because I would like Nicole to know how much she has done for me over the time I have been her fan so far. I'm only 14 and she has helped throught my worst moments without even being there next to me. She helped me to get through fighting with my parents, school problems, friends, and even the sad moments when I would cry. That's why I should be Nicole's fan of the month.